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Shimano Talica 50 II and Tiagra Ultra Stand-Up Game Combo 37kg


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Shimano Talica 50 II and Tiagra Ultra Stand-Up Game Combo 37kg

The perfect Broadbill (Swordfish) Rig. Or for livebaiting Marlin and also an ideal rig for chasing Northern Bluefin Tuna. 

Shimano Talica 50II 2 speed Reel

The Talica 50 2 speed reel is an excellent deep water reel tested on giant Bluefin, Swordfish, and of coarse will easily handle Hapuku and Bluenose.

For a game fishing reel the Shimano Talica is built like a soviet tank, although it acts like a Ferrari. This series offers a high speed retrieve reel that you can use for jigging just as easy as you would use it for trolling.

Each model has a one-piece cold forged (for extreme strength) and machined Aluminium frame is treated with a proprietary surface process for cutting-edge corrosion protection. Shimano then added a lightweight cold forged aluminium spool, oversized HEG (High Efficiency Gearing) gears, waterproof carbon drag system and 6 S-ARB bearings for super slick operation.

This series of game reels can exert extremely high drag pressures for their respective sizes and a carbon drag system has been waterproofed (when engaged) to handle big sea sprays and splashes which become inevitable when fishing the stones or offshore dropping jigs.

The range features 4 sizes – 8, 10, 12 and 16, while the High Efficiency Gearing means that they have the power to fight fish well above their weight class.

With its pale gold spool, drag lever and handle, and silver frame and sideplates, the new Shimano Talica dual speed 50 is a very attractive fishing reel. While cosmetic features are great, it’s the internals that really make this reel tick.

The oversized High Efficiency Gearing (HEG) comes in two speeds — 3.8:1 and 1.7:1. The lower ratio assists in getting stubbornly resisting fish to the surface, and also means that the Talica 50 can perform double duty when spooled with fine-for-its-breaking strain braid for deep dropping the offshore reefs.

The range of the waterproof Carbon drag is immense and it’s possible to dial up 25 kilos of fish-stopping pressure if the situation warrants it, and the cold-forged aluminium spool is impervious to buckling or distortion.

The Talica two-speed 50 can be cast quite easily, making it ideal as a pitch-bait reel in the deep blue or for live baiting for marlin and tuna off the rocks, where getting a livie away from the edge is paramount to success.

Six SA-RB (sealed, anti-rust) bearings means winding is a breeze, even when the reel is under heavy load, and this contributes to reel’s casting ability.

Shimano Talica 50II 2 speed Reel FEATURES:
E.I. Surface Treatment for extreme corrosion protection
Cold-Forged and Machined Aluminium Frame & Spool
Topless Design (no obtrusive crossbar)
Oversized Carbon Drag Washers (Ultra Drag!)
Waterproof Drag (when engaged)
Silent Twin-Pawl Anti-Reverse
Ratcheting Drag Lever
Preset Knot with Clicker
HEG (High Efficiency Gearing)
S-ARB Bearings (Shielded ARB Ball Bearings)
Aluminium Rod Clamp
Power Handle

Shimano Talica 50II 2 speed Reel Spec's:
Manufacturer: Shimano
Reel Model: Talica 50II
2 Speed
Gear Ratio - 3.8:1 / 1.7:1
Max Drag - 25kg
Bearings - 6 
Retrieve per crank: 114cm and 51cm
Weight - 1556g
Mono Line Capacity - 14kg/503m - 18kg/ 384m - 23kg/311m

Reel is backed by Shimano New Zealand's 10 year Reel Warranty


Shimano Tiagra Ultra Game Rod 37kg

Shimano Tiagra Ultra Game Rod 80lbs

The NEW Shimano Tiagra Ultra series of stand-up game rods have been constructed utilizing Shimano's patented X-CONSTRUCTION process and innovate TORAY carbon material-this created an ultra-strong and versatile series of blue-water rods that exceed the tough MSL tests required to make production.

Featuring ALPS RX stripper guides,roller tips and ALPS XN Silcon-carbide extra strong guides.

Top of the line Pacbay reel seats,Carbon butt section and hard wearing EVA grips completes the build in style

Shimano Tiagra Ultra Stand-Up Game Rod Features:
Shimano X-Construction
Toray carbon blank
ALPS RX Roller guides and roller tips
ALPS XN Silicone-Carbide extra strong guides
Carbon butt section

Shimano Tiagra Ultra Stand-Up Game Rod Specifications:
MSL test: 87lbs
Pieces: 1
Line weight: 37kg
Blank type: X-Construction
Grip assembly: Carbon-EVA
Length: 1.52m (5ft 4in)
Guide type: Alps RX Rollers/XN Guides
Action: Medium-Fast
Gimbal type: Integrated alloy
Reel seat: PacBay Channel Lock Alloy

Shimano New Zealand provides a ONE YEAR WARRANTY on all Shimano fishing rods, against defects in materials and/or faulty workmanship.

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