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Scotty Depthpower 36" - 60" Electric Downrigger (1106)


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Scotty Depthpower 36' - 60" Electric Downrigger (1106)
Scotty of Canada have been making downriggers for many years and they are all made with stainless steel components for salt water use. They have been both manual and electric models plus a huge list of accessories to make downrigging possible from any boat.

Scotty downriggers feature unsurpassed quality and innovation backed by a lifetime warranty.
Electric Downriggers
Scotty Depthpower Electric Downriggers
have reached the highest performance and reliability standards ever. while remaining competitively priced. Thousands of fishermen now enjoy the superior speed, power and years of reliability that only Scotty offers. From custom designed marine motors to the final quality control tests, Scotty performance is unmatched in the industry.

No. 1106 Depthpower 36" - 60" Telescopic
Designed for heavy duty use, this unit will handle long hours and heavy weights in tough conditions.

Scotty Depthpower 36" - 60" Electric Downrigger (1106) Includes: SCOTTY LIFETIME WARRANTY

* Depth Power 12 volt Electric
* 36"- 60" Telecsopic S/S Boom
* 1026 Pedestal Swivel Mount
* Auto Stop, Level Drag Brake System
* Stand by manual Wind Handle, Line counter, 40m Wire

Standard Scotty Electric Features:
* New longer reach up to 60".
* New Stronger 1 1/4" diameter stainless steel boom.
* New Adjustable boom mounted rod holder (Dual Rod Holder on Propack)
* A lifetime warranty downrigger with 50 years of manufacturing know-how behind it.
* The fastest retrieve downrigger in the world. (see speed table)
* More lifting power than any downrigger made. Power for extra heavy weights or for pulling out of snags, weeds, or kelp.
* The lowest amp draw of any downrigger made. Less than one third the battery draw than some of the competition.
* Full saltwater protection. All metal parts are stainless steel.
* Full automatic hands free operation on retrieval. Stops at the surface, or any preset depth you want.
* 250 feet of stainless steel premium downrigger cable.
* Tilt up mounting plate.
* Latest Scotty Power Grip line release.
* Electric cord, plug and boat socket.
* Downrigger fishing instructions booklet.

Weight            Retrieve Speed      Amp. Draw

7 lb                  221 ft/min               5 amps
10 lb               194 ft/min                6 amps
15 lb               165 ft/min                9 amps
20 lb               136 ft/min               12 amps
scotty electric downrigger

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