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Scotty Depthking Compact Manual Downrigger (1060)


Extendable highspeed cranking arm
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Scotty Depthking Compact Manual Downrigger (1060)

Scotty of Canada have been making downriggers for many years and they are all made with stainless steel components for salt water use. They have been both manual and electric models plus a huge list of accessories to make downrigging possible from any boat.

Scotty downriggers feature unsurpassed quality and innovation backed by a lifetime warranty.

Scotty Compact Manual Downriggers
Scotty Depthmaster and Depthking downriggers offer more value for the fisherman than anything on the market. You will definitely want to compare prices and operating features on these units. Never before has so much downrigger been offered at such a budget price. All the standard features and accessories come with these compact manuals and we have also developed more mounting options to ensure you can efficiently and sagely mount the units to any boat configuration. It's no surprise to us that the Depthmaster and Depthking models are our most popular downriggers.

No. 1060 Depthking Compact
This unit includes a high speed two foot per turn spool and is fully equipped with an extension handle for extra leverage with heavy weights. Ideal for the small boat that fishes deep and needs a high speed retrieve.

Scotty Depthking Compact Manual Downrigger (1060) Includes: SCOTTY LIFETIME WARRANTY
* 23” long, 3/4” diameter stainless steel boom
* Adjustable boom-mounted Rod Master II rod holder
* Spray protected, positive drive depth counter
* 200 ft. of 150 lb. Test, Stainless Steel Downrigger Cable
* 2 ft. per turn of the spool
* Includes 1010 Quick-Slide Deck Mounting Bracket
* Marine grade stainless steel boom
* Clutch brake with the largest braking surface in the industry – In the event of a bottom hang-up, it will pay out to avoid loosing gear
* Includes Power Grip Plus Line Release
* Fully assembled and factory tested with complete saltwater protection

scotty downrigger

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