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Kiwi Sizzler Portable Smoker Stainless Steel 2 tray - Standard Size


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Kiwi Sizzler Portable Smoker Stainless Steel

The Kiwi Sizzler Portable Smoker is the traditional meths smoker we have all grown up with. Perfect when you need to quickly smoke seafood, meats or vegetables for immediate consumption. This is a hot smoker that is affordable, portable, easy to use and creates wonderful results!

kiwi sizzler smoker

 High quality stainless steel Handles on side of smoker & the lid Vent holes Trays included Meths burner supplied How to use instructions included 

Kiwi Sizzler Portable Smoker Stainless Steel Features:
* Sturdy Design
* Lightweight
* Easy to clean
* Stainless Steel Construction for long life
* Hot smoker
* Size
450L x 330W x 157D mm's
* Simple to use - smokes and cooks in one operation
* Smokes and cooks fish, meats, poultry etc, in as little as 15 minutes
* Two cooking grills allow cooking on two levels

* Take it anywhere

Kiwi Sizzler Portable Smoker Stainless Steel Spec's:
* Dimensions: 450L x 330W x 157D mm's
* Medium size
* Stainless Steel
* Meth Dish: 1
* Racks: 2

If you've never tried smoked food before then you are missing a treat. Smoked food (and we're not talking about kippers here, prepacked from the supermarket) really does have that extra special BBQd flavour.

What's so different about smoking? I hear you ask. Well... Crudely put there are three types of barbecuing - grilling, roasting and smoking. Grilling will do for steaks, chops, sausages, burgers and kebabs etc ie food that is cooked close to direct heat; at high temperature; and quickly. Meat juices drop onto something hot (coals, flames, lava rock, ceramic brickets or sear plates) vapourize and caramelise the food. Producing that recognisable BBQ flavour. Any heat in the air disappears past the food and is gone.

Put a lid on it though, and you can start to cook by that trapped hot air and also by the reflected heat bouncing off the lid. That's roasting. Just like mum doing the joint on a Sunday plus the benefits of the meat juices still hitting something hot and vapourising. . Great for whole joints of meat, chickens etc. Roasting obviously takes longer than a few minutes.

Throw on a couple of handfuls of flavoured wood or herbs and we are in a whole new world of flavours. Soaking them in water first (for 1/2 to 2 hours) makes them burn slower and smoke longer. Wrapping them in aluminium foil a couple of times and piercing a few holes has the same effect of slowing down the burn and increasing the smoke. . The food gets roasted & smoked rather than grilled.
OK. So what woods you wonder? Any wood that is not resinous (ie pine which will taste acidic) or pre-treated stuff like railway sleepers, bits of old fence etc. Woods are a bit like wine you either can tell the difference between... fruity... deep... sweet... mellow... subtle... smooth... tangy... or you cant. Me? I can't tell the difference between tangy smooth and subtly fruity - I just get on and enjoy trying them all. Either do that or stick with the ones you like most.

How much? Trial and error and preference. Try a couple or a few handfuls and start from there. Mix different woods and herbs if you like. Hey, there are no rules. You're in charge and you're eating the food so experiment.


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