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Black Magic Gimbal Belt - Standard

BMT-STD Gimble Belt

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Black Magic Gimbal Belt - Standard



the black gimbal...
Black Magic Gimbal

More comfort... our new model is padded with a special material that uses sports medicine technology to give you more comfort and better blood circulation during those long hard fights. Our new padding is New Zealand made and is similar in construction to that used in the manufacture of rugby head gear. You will be amazed at the extra pressure you can apply: 30 pounds over the rod tip is as easy as pulling 20 pounds with other systems. Bad back? No strain, no pain!

More leverage... your body weight is used to maximum advantage because the recessed gimbal pin is positioned low down and further back than other systems.

Quality... designed and manufactured in New Zealand using the best materials available; high strength UV stabilised polyethylene, 316 stainless gimbal pin moulded in, and, polyester webbing belt and drop straps - far superior to commonly used nylon webbing.
Black Magic Gimbal

Easy to use... wear the unique webbing belt all day, when the big strike comes the gimbal slips on in seconds with no hassles - even in a blind panic!

More stability... the unique design features eliminate sideways movement of the gimbal when under load, especially in sloppy seas.

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