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Nacsan Throw Bag Safety Device - Rescue Rope 25m


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Nacsan Throw Bag Safety Device - Rescue Rope 25m

25m in fluoro yellow. Has 25m of bright orange rope in a bag which floats. Keep hold of the free end of rope and throw the bag to free the rope in a tangle free manner. A strong looped handle on the bag means that someone in the water can slide their arm right in to ensure a tight grip. A must for anyone on or near the water, rock fishing, kayaking, boating, or sailing. The bags also have a reflective strip on the back and front.
Has a velcro strap at top of bag to easily secure to a belt when rock fishing, or onto the rail of a boat or yacht to have easily accessible so it can be quickly thrown to anyone who inadvertently ends up in the water.,

A must have for Land Base Game Fishing.

Nacsan Throw Bag Safety Device - Rescue Rope 25m DIRECTIONS:
1. Unbuckle strap, loosen drawstring and open the bag, pull out rope approximately 1m. Put your wrist through the loop, take aim at the target and throw the bag.
2. if the first attempt fails, pull the bag back. Do not repack the rope again when time is of the greatest importance. Fill the bag with water (or snow) to get new cast weight. Repeat until you get the rope to the target.
3. When finished, let the rope dry before you pack it into the bag again. Note! the rope should not be folded or rolled up when re-packed into the bag!.

Both the bag and rope has reflective material to make it as easy as possible to see even in the dark.

Instructions are printed on the throw bag as well, so it is easy to keep familiar with how to use the rescue rope when needed.

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