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Led Lenser P5 Torch

TL-LedLenser P5

$149.00 $92.00 Save $57.00 GST Incl - NZ purchases only
Led Lenser P5 Cree Chip Torch

LED Lenser is the Worlds leading brand of technologically advanced, high quality LED Torches and lamps. These lights use state-of-the-art engineering and a variety of patent pending reflector systems to create the brightest, most energy-efficient LED lights available. Incredibly compact, LED Lenser lights provide up to 200 hours of light from one set of batteries and up to 100,000 hours of light from the LED light chip.

Small and lightweight, the P5 Cree Chip pumps out a massive 65 lumens from only one AA battery.
That’s more light than conventional torches that weigh ten times as much! The Advanced Focus System allows for quick transition from a flood beam to a focused long-distance light.

Comes with a nylon belt sheath, lanyard attachment and LED Lenser’s 10 year warranty.
Lenser’s 10 year warranty.

Specifications for P5 Cree Chip Torch
LED: 1 x cree LED
Luminous Flux: 90 lumens
Beam Width / Type: focusabe from wide flood beam to narrow spot
Beam Range: up to 115 metres
Burn Times: up to 3 hours
Batteries: 1 x AA (included)
Diameter of Head: 26mm Body: 18mm
Length: 115mm
Weight: 84 gram

LED LENSER Handheld Lights have many of the advanced features that have made LED LENSER a leading world brand of LED lights:

High wattage LEDs - LED LENSER use only highest quality, high output, cold burning LEDs.

PATENTED LED LENSER Digital technology - increases the voltage to harness the full potential of the high output LEDs.

LED LENSER Cloverleaf Reflector - diffuses the LED power evenly to produce a wide flood beam of uniform intensity light.

LED LENSER Crystal Reflector Tube System – Reflector Tubes are lined with Italian crystal and are precisely shaped to “pump up” the light produced by the LED to produce a beam that is wider and more powerful.

PATENTED LED LENSER Prism Reflector System – concentrates each LED’s power and projects it as a strong beam. Lights featuring the Prism Reflector System combine “the best of both worlds”. They have a beam similar in intensity and distance to the best incandescent bulb torches PLUS the advantages of LED technology (batteries last longer, no bulbs to replace, lights are smaller and more robust).

24-carat gold contacts - these minimize energy loss at the contact points and offer increased protection against corrosion. 

Our Led Lenser products are 100% genuine with a full 5 year NZ importer warranty.

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