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Berkley NITRO Pogy Head Jigheads 1/2oz - 6/0 - Red


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Berkley NITRO POGY HEAD Jigheads 1/2oz - 6/0 With Gamakatsu HOOKS - Red

Saltwater Pro series - Pogy Heads - Coloured

Berkley - Catch More Fish
The new range of Nitro Jigheads designed by Matt Fraser has taken jighead technology to new levels.

Nitro Jig Heads

The new range of Nitro Jigheads designed by Matt Fraser has taken jighead technology to new levels. Matt has improved upon his already highly sought after jighead designs to make soft plastic fishing easier for anglers at all levels. Enhanced features include hook selection, grub keeper design, precision engraving and shaping.

Grub Keeper Design
The grub keeper design throughout the range has been refined, with a sharper entry angle to allow the plastic to be fed onto the keeper easily with no splitting or damage. The quad rib grub keeper then holds the plastics more firmly than any other jighead on the market. The grub keeper is also strengthened in the area where it meets the head to eliminate breakage in this area.

Precision Engraving
In order to easily identify the weight of the jighead, each and every model, right down to the 1/32 Oz jighead has been precision engraved with it’s weight.

Trademark Nitro Shape
The New Berkley Nitro range of jigheads incorporates the trademark Nitro shape, which allows a natural sink and suspending action. It also allows the lure to dart erratically when hopped. This stand up design also improves hook exposure and reduces snagging. For the angler, this equates to easier and more productive fishing!

Pogy Head

There is no doubt that Gulp Pogys have taken the flathead jigging scene by storm, and now there is a NITRO jighead designed specifically for flathead jigging with these baits.

The Pogy Heads feature a revolutionary new concept in jigheads with a recess in the back of the jighead. No need to cut the head off your Pogy, just rig them up and the Pogy fits right up inside the jighead snugly. The other special feature of the Pogy Heads is their grub keepers, they are so good, that it can be difficult to remove the bait. Pogy Heads are not just for Pogys, but can be used for minnows and jerkshads as well.

Pogy Heads are manufactured on the finest Gamakatsu hooks specifically for the flathead specialist. Please do not attempt to target barra, jacks or snapper with these head, as the hooks aren’t made to handle that job. A heavy duty Pogy Head will be available later in 2008.


  • 6/0 - 1/2oz (3pack)
  • 14.1gr
  • Colour: Red

Other Spec's:

  • Built on Gamakatsu forged Hooks
  • Also Suitable for other 4" and 5" baits
  • Improved super grip grub keeper
  • Natural sinking and suspending action
  • Darts erratically when hopped
  • Standup design improves hook exposure and reduces snagging


  • 1oz (28gr) will sink at 3' (90cm) per second depending on size and water resistance of soft plastic used.


 NITRO Jigheads - Saltwater Pro series - Serious Jigheads for serious Fish

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