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Tica Magma 15-25kg Boat Rod - Blue


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Tica Magma 15-25kg Boat Rod - Blue

Sick of being the guy on the boat who gets lots of bites (But FA Fish) then this rod is for you.
These are the most popular Tarakihi rods in the Gisborne Eastcoast region, As everyone who uses these catches more fish than the anglers on same vessel, who use more traditional stiff rods. It is also widely used up north for livebait Kingie fishing, as the soft fold-away tip takes a lot of stress off the livebait and alloys a more natural livebait action, resulting in more solid hook-ups!!

The TiCA Magma, an outrageous rod whose upper section folds completely away when fighting large fish, leaving anglers with a short, powerful lever. This is a perfect powerful, But extremely soft rod ideally suite to braid fishing for snapper and Tarakihi. The very soft tip section of these rods induces more hook ups, than stiff rods, so end result is a better catch rate for less effort.

Designed and rated to use 50lb braid, the TiCa Magma Overhead Rod’s stunning good looks are attributed to the full length “gold metallic thread” bound blank. This high carbon binding adds to the strength of the rod. The 6-feet 1-piece fast tapered blank is adorned with 12 gold anodised titanium oxide guides and tip that keep the abrasive braid away from the rod. The EVA foregrip is finger contoured for comfort while fighting long battles; the reel sits in a solid, down locking, gold anodised reel seat and there is a gimbal knock fitted under a protective cover.
tica magma bent
TiCa Magma Boat Rod Features: 

12 Adonised Titanium Oxide Guides and Tip
Ergonomic Foregrip 
Adonised Reel Seat
High Carbon Binding 
Rod Colour: Blue 
Length: 6 feet
One piece rod
Line class: 15-24kg
With High quality rod bag (With 2 zips, designed so that bag can be fitted over rod, while reel is attached)

With 30 years fishing tackle manufacturing experience, TiCA have prepared themselves as one of the major fishing tackle makers in the world. They have started to have "TICA" registered worldwide.

That's me (Captain Col), bending the shit out of it just to show how soft the tip section is, yet it still has the stiffer mid section to put the hurt on a large kingie or Puka. This is one rod that will increase your catch rate.

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