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Shimano Talica 25II 2 speed Reel


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Shimano Talica 25II 2 speed Reel

For a game fishing reel the Shimano Talica is built like a soviet tank, although it acts like a Ferrari. This series offers a high speed retrieve reel that you can use for jigging just as easy as you would use it for trolling.

Each model has a one-piece cold forged (for extreme strength) and machined Aluminium frame is treated with a proprietary surface process for cutting-edge corrosion protection. Shimano then added a lightweight cold forged aluminium spool, oversized HEG (High Efficiency Gearing) gears, waterproof carbon drag system and 6 S-ARB bearings for super slick operation.

This series of game reels can exert extremely high drag pressures for their respective sizes and a carbon drag system has been waterproofed (when engaged) to handle big sea sprays and splashes which become inevitable when fishing the stones or offshore dropping jigs.

The range features 4 sizes – 8, 10, 12 and 16, while the High Efficiency Gearing means that they have the power to fight fish well above their weight class.

Shimano Talica 25II 2 speed Reel FEATURES:
E.I. Surface Treatment for extreme corrosion protection
Cold-Forged and Machined Aluminium Frame & Spool
Topless Design (no obtrusive crossbar)
Oversized Carbon Drag Washers (Ultra Drag!)
Waterproof Drag (when engaged)
Silent Twin-Pawl Anti-Reverse
Ratcheting Drag Lever
Preset Knot with Clicker
HEG (High Efficiency Gearing)
S-ARB Bearings (Shielded ARB Ball Bearings)
Aluminium Rod Clamp
Power Handle

Shimano Talica 25II 2 speed Reel Spec's:
Manufacturer: Shimano
Reel Model: Talica 25II
Gear Ratio - 5.2:1/2.3:1
Max Drag - 20kg
Max Drag Strike - 14kg
Bearings - 6
Weight - 916g
Mono Line Capacity - 14kg/503m - 18kg/ 384m - 23kg/311m

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