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Diamond Strobe Deep Drop Light 4 PACK

AE-Deep Drop Strobe 4-PACK

$50.00 $25.00 Save $25.00 GST Incl - NZ purchases only

Diamond Strobe Deep Drop Light 4 PACK - Water Activated

Professionally made deep water strobe light for bringing Hapuku and Bluenose (even Broadbill) into the strikezone of your bait.
Used extensively in the commercial sector.

Just clip it onto the snaplock and it will start flashing as soon as it touches the water, and it will stop when put back in the tacklebox.

It's Diamond head shape gives the strobe more sparkle, distance and effect.
When the battery expires after 300 hours use, it can't be reused. The fact the whole Unit is encased in solid Resin, is why the unit can go so deep.

  • Submersible Strobe Light
  • Small and Bright, Solid and Durable
  • We call them Duralite Diamond which is a great way for attracting fish in deep dropping fishing.
  • Great Tool to enjoy your fishing activity
  • 4 lights - White, Blue, Green, Multi (disco). 
  • We will send random colours, But if you have a preference then please mention your preference in the comments of order, we will do our best to supply your request, we may substitute if we are out of a certain colour at the time.
  • Water Activated
  • Works in both fresh and salt water 
  • Builtin Lithium Battery
  • LED
  • 300 Hour life
  • Use in Depths down to: 3,000 feet


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