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Anglers Mate Cast Net Japanese Style - 4' (8ft total Diameter)


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Anglers Mate Cast Net Japanese Style - 4' (8ft total Diameter)

This quality Anglers Mate Casting Net is an excellent way to catch bait fish, with a little practice to get the technique right you will be hauling in all the bait fish you need quickly and efficiently. Designed to open easily and sink fast, with easy to clean 1 inch mesh. Comes conveniently stored in a reusable bucket.
Opens easily and sinks fast
Easy to keep clean and repair
1 inch mesh
4' to centre - 8ft Total Diameter

Cast nets are small round nets with lead weights which are thrown onto the water.
They are thrown in such a way that they spread out and sink. Fish are caught as the net is hauled back in.

Japanese style cast nets feature a bottom pocket and although are favoured more commercially than the American style, they can be used by any fisherman wanting to catch smaller fish in abundance.

These nets are legal in NZ for Piper and other bait fish.

Cast Net Japanese Style 4Ft

Japanese Style Cast Net.  - 4Ft. Also known as a Throw Net. A simple device effective for catching your own bait!

This 4ft net is made with 1inch (25mm) mesh and features the bottom pocket with lead sinkers which ensure that it is fast sinking.

These nets are fantastic for catching your own bait and are legal for use in NZ waters.

Comes complete with instructions on how to use this net

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