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Cast Net 8 foot 1" Mesh (Total Diameter 16ft)


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American Style Cast Net 8 foot 1" Mesh

Drawing string cast net complete with leads

Cast nets are small round nets with lead weights which are thrown onto the water.
They are thrown in such a way that they spread out and sink. Fish are caught as the net is hauled back in.

American style cast nets feature a drawstring to close the bottom of the net after being thrown# they can be used by any fisherman wanting to catch smaller fish in abundance.

These nets are legal in NZ for Piper and other bait fish.

Cast Net 8 foot 1" Mesh Spec's:-
*Size: 8 foot to center - Total Diamet is 16'
*Mesh Size: 1" (25mm)
*Mesh: Mono

American Style 8ft Cast Net in White 1 inch 25mm mesh
Suitable for use for catching bait# legal for use within NZ waters

The Technique of Cast Net Throwing
Things you need to know before throwing a cast net:
1. If you are RIGHT-HANDED# you are going to throw the cast net in a CLOCKWISE direction# and vise versa.
2. Attach the loop at the end of the rope to your LEFT wrist if you are RIGHT-HANDED# and vise versa.
3. The reason for this is because you will be able to throw the net further# and the net will expand wider and smoother.
4.Remove any wristwatch or loose jewelry before throwing any cast net. THE QUICK LOAD TECHNIQUE: (applicable to Right-handers)
1. With the loop attached to your wrist# grab the net with your right hand just below the horn (this is the ring on the top of the net).
2. Now you want to come to the half point of the net# and grab the net with your left hand# then you can let go of your right hand.
3. At this point# you should have the net in your left hand and the loop in your left wrist. Now come to the right side of the net and grab the outer lead line with your right hand.
4. Now# gently hold the lead line by your teeth# there is no need to bite down on the rope# you just want to hold it in your mouth temporarily.
5. Now# grab the inside of the lead line with your right hand# and start fanning the net over your right arm until you have about half of the net over your right arm. (Be careful when you are fanning the net# your right hand should be INSIDE the net)
6. After you get half of the net over your right arm# you should be able to see a group of nets bunch up between your left hand and your right forearm.
7. Now# you want to use your right hand (still inside the net) to grab that group of bunched up nets and slowly move up toward the top of the net# so that your hands are shoulder width apart.
8. You are now ready to throw the cast net# all you need to do is look in the direction of the school of bait fish (or target) that you want to catch# stand with your feet pointed towards the target# with one smooth motion# turn your torso (in a clockwise direction) to about a 45 degree angle from your original position and cast away the net.

This is the basic technique of cast net throwing with some practice you will be able to catch as much bait as you want.

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