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Craypot Pop-Up Timer 24hr


Craypot Pop-Up Timer 24hr

These little timers are a must if you have problems with crayfish poachers.
These are 45mm long and are designed to dissolve in salt water in about 24hrs time from when set.
You cable tie, or use shark clips at each end of the anode and create a loop in the craypot rope just long enough that the float will stay about 6ft below the surface. There must be enough weight in the craypot to keep the float down, or just use a small float.
I use these myself in problem areas, and set them at gentleman's hours, Around lunchtime, then go out next day around same time, and the thieves are all well gone, And up pop my floats.
And surprise, surprise, there are crayfish in my pot.
If there aren't any, then you know there never were and move to a better place.
It is a pity that we sometimes have to resort to these measures to keep the thieves away, But the other benefit is that they can't steal your pot either, if they don't know where it is.

Never clip the float to the pot itself, unless it is shallow water, as in deep water the float will implode due to the pressure experienced in deeper water, and will not resurface after the timer releases the float if it has deflated due to the pressure.

Please note that these are an "ANODE" and they work by dissolving in salt water. So there fore you only get one use out of each pop-up timer!!!
SALTWATER USE ONLY (freshwater will take a lot longer to dissolve the anode)

Also Note: These timers are primarily designed for summer use in NZ waters, as the anode is affected by water temp, the time is fairly accurate in NZ in summer months, However in cooler waters or winter months, the time may be longer than the 24hrs, as in cooler water the timer takes a little longer to dissolve.

The easiest, is to actually use the Dropper Float ( ) as you can then cabletie one end of the timer to a Shark Clip and one end to the float, then clip it directly onto the float. These floats will go down to 250m without imploding, so are perfectly safe to send to the bottom with your craypot. Then the float will come to surface after the popup timer dissolves.

All the best and start eating the crayfish you catch, rather than feeding the thieving mongrels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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