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Flambeau Ultimate Tuff-Tainer 3000 Series



Flambeau Ultimate Tuff-Tainer 3000 Series

About the Ultimate Tuff 'Tainer® 3000 Series
The Ultimate Tuff 'Tainer is as it's name states... ULTIMATE. Not only is this versatile box WATERPROOF but it's also RUSTPROOF with the addition of Flambeau's Zerust® Sporting a watertight O-Ring seal, secure locking latches, rigid design these boxes are ideal for storing water sensitive gear. Available in 8 sizes and variations you'll never need another utility box again.

Your best defense against rust and corrosion!
Flambeau's Zerust is proven to be the absolute best way to protect your equipment against rust and corrosion. This patented polymer emits a harmless vapour, forming a protective layer around metal. VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) is moulded directly into the plastic. Zerust products will maintain their effectiveness for at least five years of hassle free long lasting protection.

Flambeau Outdoors Fishing Tackle Division -
Flambeau Outdoors Fishing Tackle Division has long been recognized as offering the highest quality tackle boxes, bait buckets, rod cases, and utility boxes sold to fishermen throughout the world. Flambeau's wide variety of tackle boxes & storage products makes Flambeau a market leader to the fishing public - from the occasional angler to the tournament fisherman. Flambeau tackle products are "Built to Fish. Built to Last."

flambeau z rust

Flambeau Ultimate Tuff-Tainer 3000 Series Spec's:
With Zerust® corrosion protection.

• 2 Fixed partitions
• 9 Zerust® dividers

  • Dimensions: 232mm X 125mm X 34

flambeau ultimate tuff tainer 3012

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