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Live Bait Cage - Floating - FoldUp


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Live Bait Cage - Floating - Foldup

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Have you ever returned to the dock with a bunch of great bait, only to feed the birds? Some folks discovered that you can toughen up and "cure" your bait better, save a few dollars by re-using baitfish. Even better, you can catch some mackerel at the wharf and keep 'em in the bait cage for later use. Also, for anyone traveling to a hot spot for some kingie fishing, or yellowfin livebaiting (or any destination for that matter). Why run the risk of draining your battery by running a bait pump all day, or all night long? Don't do it, just transfer your bait to a small cage for the evening. The bait cages are quality constructed for extended use. They're great for the wharf and for use aboard your boat while at sea.

Floating Live Bait Cage
Here is the solution to keeping your live baits kicking without the need for complicated aerators or tanks. Add the baits to this net and drop over the side with a rope attached. It has built in floats to keep the cage at the surface. Ideal for overnight storage of those precious live baits.

Live Bait Cage - Floating - Foldup Spec's:
Size: 420mmWide By 500mmHigh
With a good Pull cord. And Flotation attached.

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