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Shimano Splitring Plier 7"


Heavy duty split ring pliers by Shimano
$89.00 $79.00 Save $10.00 GST Incl - NZ purchases only
Shimano Splitring Plier 7" 

Shimano Fishing New Zealand has hand picked a range of versatile pliers and tools for New Zealand's conditions. From line cutters, pliers and split ring openers in assorted sizes, all Shimano tools are constructed from only the best rust resistant materials around so they stay sharp, look great and last the distance.

The latest innovation from Shimano’s tool range offers two highly spec’d multipurpose pliers. The Advanced and Power pliers have all the features required for anglers to utilise while fishing braided lure outfits. Both of these Pliers are made from a strong stainless steel with an additional fluorine coating to further increase the corrosive resistance qualities. The Advance plier comes in a 6-inch (15cm) length and includes a split ring tool suitable for up to #5 split rings, there is also two separate lure tuning slots on the bottom side of the tool to fine tune your pull direction on bibbed lures. The plier also features functions to cut and crimp, with internal grooves for easy crimping and a fine serrated Giza blade cutter suitable for cutting the finest of PE lines. This model is also designed for comfort with soft touch comfortable handles with two lanyard holes for extra security while the strong stainless steel spring and single hand locking mechanism for easy operation and storage. The larger size comes in a 7-inch and shares some of the features and functions available in the smaller size, like the anti-rust fluorine coatings, the soft touch easy grip handles and serrated Giza blade cutter. The main difference between this and the smaller model is the lure tuner grooves and crimper has been removed and replaced with a unique multipurpose split ring prong that can easily handle size 5 up to size 11 split rings. The opener design allows the ring to sit within a rounded cut out at the end of the plier, which makes manipulating the ring and hook a lot easier. These high quality tools offer anglers all the components required for fine tuning and adjusting lures on the move and are set to be popular with anglers who are frequently throwing, Jigging and trolling lures.

Shimano Split Ring Pliers Features:
Cutting edge for PE/braided lines
High tensile spring loaded
Ergonomic soft touch handle
One-finger stay shut locking clasp
Dual stage split ring opener
Designed to open #5 - #11 split rings

Shimano Splitring Plier 7" Specs:
Material: Stainless steel
Fluoride rust protection
Size: 185 x 50 x 16mm
Weight: 130g
Cutting edge for PE/braided lines

Shimano Splitring Plier 7", shimano, brutas, long nose plier, fishing plier, fishing tool, ring, pliers, SHIM-5YCT561P11,

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