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Sea Harvester Electric Knife Sharpener


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Sea Harvester Electric Knife Sharpener

The Sea Harvester electric knife sharpener is simple, quick and effective and best of all – anyone can use it! You don’t need to be skilled to operate this machine. 

It's electric. This handy gadget is the perfect way to get more use out of dull knives. Featuring a two-stage sharpening system that gives you professional results. The first stage begins sharpening and creates a precision-angled edge, while the second stage completes the process by honing and polishing for a razor-sharp edge. With Sapphirite sharpening wheels the same material used in professional sharpening shops. Plus, precision blade guides that automatically hold knives at an ideal angle.

A blunt knife is a dangerous knife and can slip easily when preparing food. Sharp knives slice through meat and vegetables with very little pressure and make food preparation a joy.

Even relatively inexpensive knives can be bought to razor sharpness IN SECONDS! with the Knife Sharpener.

How it works - There are two spring loaded grinding wheels (coarse and fine), which apply a controlled pressure to the blade of the knife. The grooves in each section hold the knife at a 15º angle giving you a perfect cutting edge which is impossible when using a steel. The left groove in each section sharpens the right hand side of the knife and the right groove, the left side. The knives are sharpened in the coarse section and polished to a razor finish in the fine.

Fillet Knives, Chefs knives, steak knives, cleavers, and even serrated knives can be sharpened perfectly.

Sea Harvester Electric Knife Sharpener Spec's:

  • Voltage: 220-230 volt AC
  • Sharpening Angle: 15°
  • Usage instructions are included.
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