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Daiwa Light Game IC 200 Low Profile Baitcaster with Linecounter


With Depth Counter
$499.00 $429.00 Save $70.00 GST Incl - NZ purchases only
Daiwa Light Game IC 200 Low Profile Baitcaster with Linecounter

Discover the ultimate companion for lure fishing enthusiasts targeting snapper in workups – the Daiwa Light Game IC 200 Baitcaster Fishing Reel with its revolutionary LC (Line Counter) system. Designed specifically to excel in work-up fishing & trout jigging scenarios, this reel is the perfect ally for maximizing your success.
With the LC system, the Daiwa Light Game IC 200 provides real-time depth information for your lure, granting you invaluable insight into the positioning of your lure amidst the frenzied workups. This knowledge allows you to precisely target the desired depth range preferred by snapper, giving you a significant advantage over other anglers. Built to withstand the demanding nature of workup fishing, this reel boasts exceptional durability and performance. Its lightweight design ensures effortless casting and extended fishing sessions without fatigue. The reliable ball bearing system guarantees smooth retrieves, while the responsive drag system provides the necessary control to tackle hard-fighting snapper.
Crafted with corrosion-resistant materials, the Daiwa Light Game IC 200 is perfectly suited for saltwater environments as well as freshwater lakes. Its sturdy construction ensures longevity, even when exposed to the harsh conditions often encountered during workup fishing. The ergonomic handle further enhances comfort, allowing you to focus on the thrill of the chase. Elevate your snapper fishing experience to new heights with the Daiwa Light Game IC 200 Baitcaster Fishing Reel. 

The IC digital counter measures line out in feet making these compact, low profile
reels perfect for trout jigging. Accurately drop into the strike zone you have located on your
depth sounder.

Daiwa Light Game IC 200 Low Profile Baitcaster with Linecounter Features:
Digital display (in metres)
3 + 1 ball bearings 
High-speed gear ratio 6.3:1
UTD drag system
Finely adjustable star drag
Automatic levelwind
Large power handle knob

Daiwa Light Game IC 200 Low Profile Baitcaster with Linecounter Spec's:
Manufacturer: Daiwa
Model:  IC 150 Low Profile
Gear ratio: 6.3:1
Max Drag: 6kg
Spool Capacity: PE2 - 320m
Retrieve: 70cm
Weight: 240g

LIGHT GAME compatible model with high rigidity IC that combines smooth winding and lightness. A lightweight model with an IC counter that can be used for all light games. Introducing the long-awaited “HYPER DRIVE DESIGN” equipped series.
HYPER DRIVE DIGIGEAR. A newly designed gear system that creates strong and smooth rotation for the angler. The gear tooth size, which is directly linked to durability, has been improved without reducing the size. This technology is unique to Daiwa and helps Kiwi lure anglers enjoy long lasting smoothness.
HYPER ARMED HOUSING. A housing system that firmly supports the internal structure with high rigidity and high precision, and produces precise winding comfort and power. In this reel, aluminum alloy is used for the frame. This makes for a super robust reel that angler's can use with confidence.
HYPER TOUGH CLUTCH. This sharp 'on/off' action, that can occur thousands of times across a reels lifespan, is built super tough to endure many saltwater based missions.

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