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Scientific Anglers Fly Line Dressing (Cleaner)


Scientific Anglers Fly Line Dressing (Cleaner) 

Advanced formulation that lasts longer and stays on your line longer than any other dressing, contains advanced lubricants easy to apply streamside.
Use line immediately after application Improves floatabilty for easier pickup and mending. Includes cleaning pad.
A must have addition to maximise Scientific Anglers AST coated flylines. 

Scientific Anglers Fly Line Dressing-1oz Bottle/Pad
No one understands fly-line chemistry like Scientific Anglers -- so who better to design a dressing that stays on your line longer. It contains the same lubricants as the latest S.A. fly lines, which decreases friction as it promotes higher flotation for easier casting, pickup and mending.

The cleaning pad, designed to work with all fly lines, uses patented 3M micropolishing technology to remove dirt and line contaminants, which build up during fishing or practice casting. The cleaner the line, the faster it goes.

Scientific Anglers Fly Line Dressing (Cleaner) Features: 
A must have addition to maximise Scientific Anglers AST coated flylines. 

You think your floating line isn't floating as well as it used to? The reasons, and the fix are probably pretty simple.

Lines float because they are lighter than water, and because they are hydrophobic, they repel water. For lines to float their best, both of these features need to be working. The density of your line won't change, it won't absorb water and become waterlogged and sink, but if it gets dirty it won't repel the water well and it will float lower in the surface tension and may get pulled under now and then. The key to good flotation is keeping your lines clean so the hydrophobic surface can work.

Cleaning with soap and water on a cloth removes most of the dirt, but our new cleaning pads work even better. Properly cleaned your lines will float better, cast better and last longer, certainly a good trade-off for a couple minutes of line maintenance. Dressing with our new line dressing will further improve flotation, casting and durability also.

Clean and dress your lines every 2-3 outings, or anytime you think dirt is hindering their performance. The cleaning pads are easy to carry in your vest or tackle bag and can be used anytime, wet or dry.

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