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Silva Compass Field 7


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Silva Compass Field 7

Since 1932 Silva have equipped expeditions and outdoor users around the world with quality compasses and navigational equipment. From the worlds first base-plate compass to the space age Multi-Navigator, Silva have developed a comprehensive range of products to find your way in the great outdoors.

The combination of a map and a good compass is one of the best keys to adventure. Knowledge in how to use them makes life a lot easier when the going gets tough out there. With more than 70 years experience of manufacturing compasses, we dare to say that Silva can provide you with the right choice, whether you are a Himalayan expedition member or a Scout. The world-famous SILVA 1-2-3 SYSTEM makes them easy to use in any conditions, including the toughest. 360° of pure adventure.



This series is created to meet the demands from Boy Scouts/youth organizations, hikers to use on shorter day trips and schools. Patented red/black north/south lines in the capsule (Field 7 and 26) and a north indicator on the compass needle are standard on the Field series.



On the World Championship in Scottland 1999 was 12 Gold medals of 12 possible Gold medals taken with a compass from SILVA. 9 Gold medals was taken with a SPECTRA. Read more about the SPECTRA system that simplify your orienteering and enable you to be faster and more accurate through the forest!

The orienteering compasses from SILVA are stable, easy-to-read and easy-to-use.

With more than 70 years experience of manufacturing compasses, we dare to say that we can provide you with the right choice.

SILVA is the leading quality compass manufacturer in the world, producing approximately 2 million compasses per year. At the 2001 World Orienteering Championships 37 out of 37 medals were won with a compass from SILVA, Made in Sweden. The expertise of SILVA is based on unique knowledge, gained through more than 70 years of invention, testing and refinement of navigation equipment of the very highest quality. Leading edge technology and top professional management bring all the operations together. This means that projects are completely controlled by SILVA, from the drawing board, through production to marketing.


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