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Candle Lantern


UCO Original Candle Lantern
This is the classic, long-burning, collapsible Original Candle Lantern that has provided warm, natural light to millions of outdoor enthusiasts for decades. It is perfectly suited to backpacking, mountaineering, snow camping, and similar outdoor pursuits. Lightweight and compact, the Original Candle Lantern provides 9 hours of warm light from a single candle, surrounding it in the safest, most efficient lantern housing available anywhere. The lightweight aluminum or brass frame holds the glass chimney securely in place, creating a windproof environment for the flame. And the unique, easy-slide chimney allows the glass to slide down into the lantern, making the candle easier than ever to light. The spring-powered candle tube pushes the candle up as it burns, keeping the flame burning at a constant height. A viewing slot on the side of the lantern allows the user to monitor the slow burning candle for remaining burn time.

UCO Original Candle Lantern Features
The Original Candle Lantern for all your backcountry adventures.

Collapses down to 4.25″ in height.
Lightweight, yet durable, aluminum or brass construction.
Easy-slide glass chimney allows easy access to candle for lighting.
Spring-loaded candle tube burns candles efficiently.
9-hour candle is efficient and reliable.
Carrying handle, hanging bail, twist-lock base, and candle viewing slot.
Specially designed vent in base provides air supply.
Warms tent and removes condensation.
Compatible with Leave No Trace ethics.
Dimensions: 6.5″ high x 2″ diameter (17 cm x 5 cm)
Closes to: 4.25″ high x 2″ diameter (11 cm x 5 cm)
Weight (w/ candle): 6.4 oz. (181 g) in aluminium; 8.8 oz. (249 g) in brass
Candle: UCO 9-hour Paraffin or Citronella Candles, or 12-hour Beeswax Candles 
Construction: Aluminium

Customer Review
"I purchased one of your basic candle lanterns from REI in Bloomington, MN and have just returned from a great trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe area in Minnesota. This was my first camping trip in which I used your candle lantern. It worked great for me and will accompany me on all of my future outings. Rain, wind, water, it functioned all night as needed, (we had a guest who was afraid of bears so we used it all night long each night). I have been in the outdoors in many different situations for over 30 years and your candle lantern is perhaps one of the most functional outdoor products I have used. Nice work!" -- St. Paul, MN

Using Candle Lanterns
The image of a glowing tent in the wilderness night, stars and moon overhead, is an appealing one. With a little common sense a UCO Candle Lantern is as safe in a tent as other light sources, and much more appealing and economical. A Candle Lantern produces warmth in a tent while reducing condensation—try that with a headlamp! Always ventilate the tent adequately, keep the heat shield away from tent walls, and keep the burning candle within sight. The result is a warm tent, plenty of light to read by, and your headlamp's batteries are preserved for those times when you really need them.

WARNING: To prevent fire, keep burning candle within sight. Never burn a candle on or near anything that can catch fire. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

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