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Wasabi Kitchen Knife set - Gourmet


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Wasabi Knife set - Gourmet

You can shave the hairs off your arms with these fine knives, straight out of the carry case.

Wasabi Kitchen Knife set - Gourmet Features:
*  Extraordinarily sharp - Molybdenum-Vanadium steel for a long lasting cutting edge
* Unique ridge and holes ensure easy slicing, dicing, chopping, cutting and carving!
* Manufactured in Gifu Prefecture, Japan - the home of high quality blades since 1200AD
* Ideal all-rounders for home, bach and boat
* No gimmicks - just quality at a fair price
* A great gift
* Fantastic for slicing raw fish - sashimi - go catch some!

Wasabi Knife Set Includes:
 2 knives (14 cm and 20 cm Blades)
1000 grit sharpening stone
Knife wallet
Instructions on the care &  Sharpening of Wasabi knives

Your Wasabi Knives are precicision tools that will provide excellent performance for many years if well cared for.
A word of warning: these knives are extraordinarily sharp. Take all due care when handling them, and store them securely, preferably in a knife block.

The unique ridge and row of holes above the blades edge help ease the friction between the material being cut and the blade. This ensures easy slicing, dicing, chopping and carving.

WASABI KNIVES are designed by japanese craftsmen and manufactured in Gifu Prefecture, JAPAN, the home of high quality blades since 1200AD

 a true story ...

Several years ago I stayed with a Japanese couple in their small apartment in Osaka. I offered to prepare a "Kiwi" meal in their tiny kitchen - a challenge! I asked for a sharp knife and was given a unique piece of cutlery that performed superbly.

On the way to the airport the next day I visited a specialist knife shop and purchased the same knife in two sizes. They have proven invaluable and are without doubt the sharpest and best knives I have ever used.

Subsequently, visitors, friends and family asked if I could get them a set. I did and twenty or thirty sets later and we had a happy team of "cooks, chefs and bottle washers" and an ever increasing demand from friends of friends.

Black Magic Tackle has had these same top quality knives manufactured under our WASABI brand. Here they are, Try them!!

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