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Stanley Classic 0.47lt Flask Green (LIFETIME WARRANTY)


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Stanley Classic 0.47lt Flask Green (LIFETIME WARRANTY)

Stanley Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask (Thermos)

30% Lighter - Tough as Ever
Few have as loyal a following as our classic green icon. The pro's choice from construction sites to the outdoors it's been keeping coffee hot around the clock since 1913. The ultimate in durability it'll be kicking for generations to come.

The Original unbreakable stainless steel vacuum flask. Developed in 1913 and going strong ever since. These have survived bear attacks, blizzards,bullets and bulldozers. Even a 1200 metre drop from a plane. Soups, coffee, cold drinks - it'll take the lot. Stanley flasks are built to last - durable enough to pass from father to son.

Built like a battleship and marked by classic hammertone green, the legendary Stanley® Classic line has been the professional's choice from job sites to the outdoors for generations. Made strong and reliable, they are prized items handed proudly from father to son.

Sized for mobility.
With all the strength and function of its bigger brothers, this half-quart bottle packs easier than larger vacuum bottles when space is a premium. Fully leak proof, it'll keep your drink warm and your pack dry.

Compact design. Stashes easily in pack.
Vacuum insulation. Keeps hot/cold 15 hours.
Protective double-wall construction. Takes a beating and still performs.
Insulated lid. Doubles as an 8-oz. drinking cup.
Leak-proof stopper. Locks it in. Turns + pours from front/back.
Stainless steel. Built tough. No liners/coatings.
Rustproof finish. Withstands weather and wear. 
Capacity: 0.47L (0.5qt - 16oz) 
Colour: Hammertone Green
Lifetime warranty. 

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