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Jigstar Rigging Needles Game Kit - 5 Needles


Jigstar Rigging Needles Game Kit - 5 Needles

This is a useful kit to cover you for most hollow braid and dacron rigging, from topshoting, to making your own wind-on leaders. It is handy to have an assortment of splicing needles as line size varies so much, with choice, it means you can use the best fit needle for the mono you have.

The Jigstar hollow rigging needles are designed for inserting mono (nylon) leaders inside hollow braid with ease.
Hollow braid is now being used extensively for broadbill fishing, jigging and game fishing, and is also making inroads into the lighter line classes now, as it is making it so easy to put on new leaders or top-shots.
Also used when making your own wind-on leaders. 

This Kit has a medium size reverse latch needle which is used for making wind-on leaders. Remember, when you the reverse latch needle to keep going in the one direction, as it can not go backwards once it is inside the hollow braid.

Jigstar Rigging Needles Game Kit - 5 Needles Spec's:
Brand: Jigstar
1 X Medium Reverse Latch Needle
Style: 4 X Hollow Rigging Needles + 1 Reverse Latch Needle
To Suit Line: 50lb, 60lb, 80lb, 100lb and 130lb
Inside Diameter Of Needle: 50lb = .026"/0.67mm, 60lb = .032"/0.81mm, 80lb = .038"/0.96mm, 100lb = .042"/1.06mm, 130lb = .047"/1.19mm
Outside Diameter Of Needle: 50lb = .036"/.90mm, 60lb = .042"/1.06mm, 80lb = .049"/1.25mm 100lb = .050"/1.27mm, 130lb = .058"/1.48mm
Made From: Medical grade 304 stainless
Retained in Solid Plastic Tube
Quantity: 5 Rigging Needle (Splicing Needles) + 1 X Reverse Latch Needle

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