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HUTCHWILCO Aquavest Classic Multi Purpose Vest - AXL or AXXL

HW-01430C - 01429C

$105.00 $86.00 Save $19.00 GST Incl - NZ purchases only

HUTCHWILCO Aquavest Classic Multi Purpose Vest - AXL or AXXL Life Jacket


  • Ideal for general boating and for use with centre board and open yachts, trainer yachts and windsurfing
  • Light, slim styling
  • Zip Front
  • Colourway Gold/Navy
  • Excellent hypothermia protection

    Available in sizes: (THIS IS FOR AXL or AXXL)

    • Child Med: 6-12yr's Chest Size - 55-75cm Weight - 22-40kg's
    • Adult XSml: Chest Size 68 - 85cm, 40kg+
    • Adult Sml: Chest Size - 70-90cm Weight - 40kg's PLUS
    • Adult Med: Chest Size - 85-110cm Weight - 40kg's PLUS
    • Adult Lge: Chest Size - 105-120cm Weight - 40kg's PLUS
    • Adult XLge: Chest Size - 115-135cm Weight - 40kg's PLUS
    • Adult XXLge: Chest Size - 128-150cm Weight - 40kg's PLUS

    Yachting NZ approved for trailer sailers, centre board and open sailing dinghies


    we will exchange lifejackets if sizing is not correct, as long as they are returned in perfect condition, as the correct fitting is imperative to safety. Your safety and comfort is our primary concern. (You will be required to pay the extra freight for size swaps)


    Looking after your Hutchwilco Personal Flotation Device (PFD)

    If you follow a few simple guidelines, your Hutchwilco PFD can be trusted to live up to its promises (and provide peace of mind) for many years.

    Guidelines for use

    • Once it's adjusted to fit you perfectly, put your name on your Hutchwilco PFD. This way it won't get confused with anyone else’s.
    • Get to know your PFD – on dry land and in the water. Familiarise yourself with its features and how it performs in active duty.
    • Get into the habit of wearing your PFD. Statistics show that in approximately 80% of all boating fatalities, the victim wasn’t wearing a lifejacket. In particular, non-swimmers and children should wear one at all times when on the water.
    • Remember that lifejackets are far easier to put on before you get into the water.
    • Treat your PFD with respect. Don’t use it as a cushion, fender or kneeling pad.
    • Inspect your Hutchwilco PFD from time to time, to check for tears and damage that might impair its performance.
    • Don’t attempt to modify your PFD. A modified device is no longer Standards Approved or covered by warranty.

    Guidelines for care

    • To clean, sponge with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly.
    • Don’t dry clean or use cleaning solvents.
    • Dry away from direct sunlight or other direct heat sources.
    • When not in use, store in a cool, well ventilated, dry location away from direct sunlight and harmful chemicals (such as battery acid).

    PFD’s and children

    • It is important to teach children how to put on their PFD’s and explain what they are for.
    • Children should also be allowed to try them out in the water, so they’ll be familiar with how the jacket feels when it's floating.
    • Parents must remember that a PFD is not a substitute for competent supervision.
    • Children are difficult to float in a face up position because of the distribution of body mass and because panic can cause them to attempt to ‘climb out’ of the water. While violent arm and leg movement can reduce the stability of the PFD, a properly designed and fitted one will keep the mouth and nose clear of the water.


    You should refer to the marine authority in your area for accurate information about the number and type of PFDs required for various types of pleasure boats.


    • Ensure your PFD is a good fit and does not ride up in the water.
    • If it isn’t possible to wear your PFD at all times, store it in an easily accessible place.
    • When taking guests on board, ensure there are enough lifejackets for everyone. Familiarise your guests with where they are kept and how they work.
    • In the event of a swamping or capsize, stay with your boat – it will be more easily found by rescuers.
    • The chilling effect of immersion in cold water for an extended period of time (hypothermia) can be fatal. Wearing a wetsuit or a woollen jumper next to your skin will help reduce the risk of hypothermia. Adopting a foetal position on the water also helps to slow the loss of body heat.
    • The effectiveness of your PFD may be reduced in rough or breaking seas and surf.

    The Hutchwilco Warranty

    This Hutchwilco Personal Flotation Device (PFD) is fully warranted against defects in material and workmanship. If you discover a manufacturing defect at any time after purchase please let us know and we will replace or repair the device free of charge.

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