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Tsunami Bullet Popper Pack


Tsunami Bullet Popper Pack - SAVE $$$ Plus FREE Lure Box! (Limited Stocks)
$83.00 $73.00 Save $10.00 GST Incl - NZ purchases only
Tsunami Bullet Popper Pack

Tsunami Bullet Poppers are designed for targeting large exotic predators such as Kingi, GT's, Tuna and other pelagics. Creating a lot of noise and commotion they draw predators in from all around to shut them up with deadly results. 
These Poppers offer tumble free casting performance, sonic rattle attractors and balanced swimming action. Tank tested, Tsunami Bullet Poppers incorporate a precision weight transfer design and feature premium Mustad hooks attached to through-wire skeleton to ensure uncompromised strength.
The four Poppers are supplied with a FREE worm-proof lure box with adjustable compartments. The tough box features positive, easy to use catches and is made from special impact-resistant plastics resistant to marking from the plasticisers contained in soft plastic baits.

Tsunami Bullet Popper Pack Features:

  • Splash and bubble design
  • Large weight transfer balls
  • Emits a bubble trail to induce explosive strikes
  • With 2 X treble Mustad Hooks

Tsunami Bullet Popper Pack SPEC's:
  • Manufacturer: Tsunami
  • Lure Model: Floating Topwater Lure 
  • Type: Topwater Popper
  • Size: 2 X 150mm Plus 2 X 200mm
  • Weight: 52gr and 127.5gr
  • Pieces: 4
Pack Contents:
1 x Red Head Popper (200mm/127.5g)
1 x Redhead Popper (150mm/53g)
1 x Blue Mackerel Popper (200mm/127.5g)
1 x Green Mackerel Popper (150mm/53g)
1 x Lure Box (340 x 210 x 50mm)

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