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Scientific Anglers Shooting Taper Type IV - ST-8-S


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 Scientific Anglers Shooting Taper Type IV - ST-8-S

It's easy to customize your fishing approach with Scientific Anglers™ versatile Shooting Lines/Shooting Tapers System. The options are endless. Floating shooting lines with sinking shooting tapers. Sinking shooting lines with sinking shooting tapers. Floating shooting lines with floating shooting tapers. Add a full breadth of line weights and sink rates and you have the ability to tailor a line to every possible fly fishing opportunity.

Scientific Anglers™ Shooting Tapers have been designed and formulated to reach the highest level of performance and long-distance casting when matched with Scientific Anglers™ Shooting Lines.

Core and coatings feature the most advanced technology available and tapers are unsurpassed in functionality. Shooting tapers are usually attached to a shooting line with a loop-to-loop system.

Sinking Shooting Taper
Applications: Extremely long-range fishing at a variety of depths.
Thin diameter casts well in wind.
Sink Rate: 3.75 - 5.5 IPS
Taper characteristics; Superior casting; short head for quick, long casts
Core: Single-strand monofilament nylon (Type I braided multifilament)
Coating: 3M PVC with powdered tungsten or glass beads
Delivery: Moderate
Stiffness:  Moderate

Fly Line Spec's:
  • Manufacturer: Scientific Anglers  
  • Shooting Taper WetCel Type IV 
  • ST-8-S
  • Length: 9m (35')
  • Colour: Grey 
  • Tip: 0.5'
  • Front Taper: 4'
  • Rear Taper: 1'
  • Belly: 25'
Sinking Shooting Taper:
Variety of densities from Intermediate with braided monofilament core
Includes heat shrink welded loop connection*.
Exceptionally slick and strong, Scientific Anglers' Welded Loops produce smoother casts and easier 
turnover with a seamless fly-line-to-loop transition, making for softer landings and cleaner pickups. 
The sleek design also maintains buoyancy for improved fly-line flotation and enables quicker connections 
between fly line and leaders or fly line and backing.

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