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Dometic Waeco Coolpro Cooler TC-21FL - 12/24vlt & 240vlt


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Dometic Waeco Coolpro Cooler TC-21FL - 12/24vlt & 240vlt

Mobile Refrigeration
Mobility is our passion. For more than thirty years now, Waeco have been living up to the challenge of bringing more convenience to the mobile community. We know by experience what really counts. This is why WAECO products come with intelligent features for more safety and performance. Features that make all the difference. You will find these features and functions in many other WAECO products. Get inspired, experience the WAECO effect: pure pleasure on the road and at home. No matter what vehicle you are driving, whether a car, a truck, a motorhome or boat. Regardless of where you are in the world.

TC-21FL Family size cooler
For use in cars, trucks, boats, camping , BBQ's, poolside or just about anywhere. Runs on a 12 Volt cigarette lighter plug or 240 Volt mains. Light to carry and super tough.
Individual temperature regulation with LED read-out and memory function are all Award-winning features of the TC-FL range.
The convenience standards of mobile refrigeration have once again been redefined.

Classic TC-21FL
Dimensions W303 x H420 x L450 mm
Weight 6 kg approx.
Capacity 21 Litres
Voltage 12/24V DC or 240V AC
Temperature Range Cooling capacity: Up to 30°C below ambient
Warming Capacity: Up to 65°C
Warranty 1 year warranty on everything
Other - Solid polyurethane foam insulation
- TC electronics, 7-stage electronic thermostat with robust soft-touch keypad
- Internal fan is switched off with micro switch when the unit is opened
- Plug straight into mains power or cigarette lighter

Thermoelectrics: for the modern mobile lifestyle
Low-cost, light-weight, versatile
Inexpensive coolers for private and professional use.
Thanks to their low weight, thermoelectric coolers are particularly easy to carry and transport. Their astonishing cooling capacity of up to 30°C below the ambient temperature is more than sufficient for most purposes, including car journeys, camping or picnics.

Moreover, thermoelectrics offer a welcome bonus: most of the coolers equipped with this wear free and maintenance free technology can be used for both cooling and heating.
Cost-efficient and reliable, thermoelectric energy is "just right" for small and medium-size coolers.

Here’s how thermoelectrics work
The thermoelectric principle is based on the fact that energy in a form of cold or heat is generated when the connection between different types of metals is linked to a direct current (DC) power source. The heating or cooling function can be intensified using heat exchangers and air fans.

Working with tomorrow's technology today
For many years now, WAECO has been leading the way in thermoelectric technology. Our work and our wide range of products are acknowledged and appreciated worldwide. For us that's a good reason to carry on. Paying attention to detail, our development experts are untiring in their efforts to lead thermoelectric technology to perfection.

There is plenty of reason to look forward to the outcome: each new generation of thermoelectric coolers comes with new features and surprising technical refinement.

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