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Mister Twister G - Grub 3" small MXD Pack

DFS-3"g-grub mxd

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Mister Twister G - Grub 3" small MXD Pack

Since the introduction of the Curly Tail lure by Mister Twister, the Curly Tail grub has become a tackle box staple. Mister Twister G-Grub takes the Curly Tail concept to the next level. It's a Curly Tail with a leech design, and the results offer a very unique swimming action. Rather than restricting the swimming action to the tail, the G-Grub incorporates fins from tip to the tail. These fins produce a realistic full-scale swimming profile, making the G-Grub the perfect imitator of a swimming leech, or active shiner. 

There are several reasons you should be fishing the G-Grub. . .

* The G-Grub is the perfect combination of two excellent live baits… leech and shiner
* Innovative fins provide tip to tail swimming action
* Extreme vibration and rattle chamber at tail
* Top or bottom rigging… same great action with minimal speed
* Versatile for stop and go, vertical jigging, or normal retrieve
* The first “twin fin” design using the combination of a grub body and a leech profile

All G-Grubs have a natural swimming action.  Jigging also causes the fins to flare.

Mister Twister G - Grub 3" small MXD Pack Spec's:
  • Manufacturer: Mister Twister
  • Softbait: G-Grub
  • Scented: No
  • Colour: Mxd Pack -   Colours as in Picture (you can request all the same colour in the comment section of order, if you just prefer one or two colours!!)
  • Quantity:  Pack of 4
  • Grub Length: 3"

Rigging the G-Grub
For largemouth and smallmouth bass or walleye, rig a 3-inch G-Grub with a 1/8 or 1/4 oz. jighead. It can be rigged with hook point coming out in the middle of the fins or on the opposite side, either way, it produces the same fabulous fish-attracting action. The 4-inch G-Grub can be rigged with a 1/4 or 3/8 oz. jighead. Again, there is no wrong way to rig the G-Grub. . . fins up or down, either way it produces great action.

G-Grubs can also be used as either floating or sinking harness rigs while trolling or back-trolling for walleyes. Walking sinkers make perfect back-trolling rigs.

Both the 3-inch and 4-inch G-Grub make an ideal spinner bait trailer for big bass and trophy walleye.

Want sound? Sight and sound are essential for attracting and catching fish. The G-Grub's tail has a built in rattle chamber in its tail to accept rattle beads. These are available at almost any tackle store. The bead also adds weight to the tail. Most of the time adding weight to a soft plastic lure will impair hurt its action, but not the G-Grub. In fact, adding rattle actually enhances the performance of this grub. 


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