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Aftco Roller Troller Outrigger Clips X 2


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The AFTCO Outrigger Clip helps you position a trolling lure from an out rigger by simply reeling in or let-ting out line right through the clip, where the line rides safely on a roller that features silky-smooth action. The clip’s tension adjustment is positive yet sensitive over a wide range of settings, and once the tension is set, our precision-engineered latching system releases your line repeatedly at exactly the same pull to assure fewer missed strikes and less broken line and gear.

Roller Troller Clips keep your line from being sawed back and forth over the thin wire bails of ordinary clips. They will work with any style of outrigger. Flatline Clip puts trolled lines into the water at a low angle to minimize tangling, especially with strong winds or course changes, plus they keep your lures below the surface for better action. On strikes, you will know the instant that the clip snaps open with either model. Made in USA. The innovative design of the Roemer Release is simple, dependable and will not foul line. Allows lure to be trolled any distance from the release and attaches anywhere on the downrigger cable.

Made in USA.

Available: Outrigger clips (Per 2)

AFTCO's Roller-Troller Clips are "the kind." They feature a roller that's easy on your line and allows you to let out more line as needed without resetting the clip. The roller trollers come with a snap swivel for attaching to a cleat or a planner/downrigger. They also manufacture the same basic clips for use with outriggers. You'll be most pleased using these clips with lines of 40 lb. or greater test. These clips are not for the lighter line, use the pressure pad type clips from Scotty, Offshore or Cannon instead when using 30 lb. and less. They serve as an excellent flat line clip, the best on the market

The AFTCO clip is great for running medium to heavier lines.

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