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Daiwa Saltist Nero Spin Reel 6500


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Daiwa Saltist Nero Spin Reel 6500

If looks could kill… Observing the traditions and reputation of the acclaimed Saltist name, the new Saltist Nero delivers a balance of performance, strength reliability and outstanding value, encompassed within a modern, dark & mysterious, matt black exterior shell. The all-metal body forms the foundations for this latest iteration of the Saltist, housing Daiwa’s revolutionary Digigear Drive System that delivers up to 15% more cranking power than with conventional gears.

Digigear features a high-precision cutting technique and allows for superior gear precision and strength. Made from super strong, corrosion resistant alloy, Digigear gears are lighter, stronger and allow for flawless gear meshing and superior cranking smoothness and power. With more cranking power, seamless meshing of gears, and the elimination of wear and tear, Digigear is the ultimate system for ultimate gear performance.

Saltist Nero features a CRBB bearing for corrosion resistance, and reel longevity. Unlike standard bearings CRBB bearings are shielded for extra protection to seal out sand, fine grit, salt crystals and other abrasives for extended bearing life.

Daiwa’s Full-Time Dual Stopper Infinite Anti-Reverse system ensures ultimate gear control, with the highly refined system delivering precision cranking and the elimination of handle back play for increased reel sensitivity and hook setting power.

Big on looks and big on features, the all- new, all-black Saltist Nero offers up a powerful combination of performance, strength and reliability in one of Daiwa’s most renowned names in heavy duty spin reelsdaiwa saltist nero spinning reel

Daiwa Saltist Nero Spin Reel 6500 Features:
All metal body and spool
Digigear drive system
Twistbuster II
ABS aluminium spool
Titanium nitride line roller
Rotor brake
Full time dual stopper infinite anti-reverse
Machined aluminium handle

Daiwa Saltist Nero Spin Reel 6500 Spec's:
Gear Ratio: 4.7:1
Line Retrieve per Crank: 107cm
Drag Rating: 15kg
Ball Bearings: 4BB, 1RB
Spool Capacity: PE. 5 /500m, 6 /400m 8 /300
Weight: 740g 
Interchangeable Handle: Suitable Lefthand or Righthand retrieve

Infinite Anti-Reverse
Limits rearward backplay handle movement to almost zero for solid hooksets with less shock to the reel. No handle slap-back on hooksets and no release of slack line.

Twist Buster & Twist Buster 2
Twist Buster is Daiwa’s original advanced technology designed to reduce line twist. Powered by the new CRBB (Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearing), the Twist Buster II line roller not only minimises line twist, but also reduces further friction between the line and the roller.

ABS Anti Backlash System
Daiwa’s unique reverse taper results in less line tangle and longer cast-ability. The oversized design provides higher winding speed and better drag performance.

Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings
Shielded For Extra Protection. Unlike ordinary ‘corrosion resistant’ bearings with an unprotected open race, Daiwa’s CRBB bearings are shielded to seal out sand, fine grit, salt crystals and other abrasives for even longer life.

Digital gear design ensures a perfect mesh between ultra-tough, surface treated alloy drive gear and marine bronze pinion gear for optimized speed, power and durability.

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