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Penn Squall 30LD Lever Drag Overhead Reel


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Penn Squall 30LD Lever Drag Overhead Reel

The Squall™ Lever Drag construction features a durable lightweight graphite frame and sideplates, recessed ergonomic drag lever, and top of the line Dura-Drag™ system to put your mind and muscles at ease. Its sleek design and tough components is what makes the Squall Lever Drag series a heavy hitter among lightweight graphite lever drags.

Are you bottom fishing or trolling? Are you looking for power or speed? The Squall Lever Drag’s Versa-Handle system allows you to choose how long the handle should be in less than a minute (tools are included with each reel). Assemble the reel in the long position for more power or assemble in the short position for more speed.

Ergonomic Design 
Function and ergonomics were on top of the list when we designed the Squall Lever Drag reels. Note that the lever drag does not protrude above the frame of the reel so there is no way for the line to loop over and hang up on the lever of the Squall Lever Drag which could result in a break-off. One less thing to worry about when the line pops out of the clip

Dura-Drag washers virtually eliminate hesitation, even under extreme drag settings. This is the same top of the line drag material used in International V series reels.

Line Capacity Rings 
Line Capacity Rings eliminates the question of how much line you have left when fighting a fish. The three lines on the spool flange let you know when you have 1/3rd, 2/3rd or a full spool of line. Also if you respool often these lines give you a benchmark for backing your superlines with monofilament which will help eliminate wasted time and line.

Switch Blade™ Harness Lugs 
Switch Blade harness lugs give you all the benefits of traditional lugs without the risk of grabbing loose line and potentially breaking off fish. When the lugs are not in use they remain flush with the reel frame, when you need them they easily pop up with the tip of your finger. The other benefit of the proprietary Switch Blade harness lugs is basic ergonomics. Let’s face it, harness lugs can be uncomfortable when you are palming the reel on the cast or retrieve. If you don’t plan to use the lugs then stow them in the down position and you have one of the most ergonomic reels on the market

Lightweight graphite frames and sideplates
Forged and machined aluminum spool
Stainless steel main and pinion gear
Ratcheted drag lever prevents "drag creep" caused by hours of trolling and vibrations
6 stainless steel bearing system

PENN Squall 30LD Lever Drag Reel Specifications:
Manufacturer: Penn
Model: Squall 30LD
Style: Lever Drag Overhead Boat Reel
Ratio: 6.1:1
Bearings: 6
Weight: 18.2oz
Drag: 6kg
Mono Capacity: Lbs/Yds - 390/20, 350/25, 260/30
Braid Capacity: Lbs/Yds - 1025/20, 775/30, 550/50

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