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Zuker's 6" - Feather Trolling Lure - ZF10 Green/White


Zuker's 6" - Feather Trolling Lure - ZF10 Green/White

Zuker Tuna Feather ZF Lures
Zuker's Lures are responsible for countless successful days of game fishing, for a variety of big game species. The range of Zuker's Lures includes the Zuker's Marlin Lures, Zuker's Tuna Feather's and Zukers Grass Lures. Order your Zuker's Lures today!

Based on the success anglers (including me) had with the "broom" or grass skirts, and after noting some other respected fishermen using Zuker's feathers to great effect, we decided to begin stocking a wider selection. We selected the most productive patterns, proven producers for our offering here.

Zuker feathers are a premium quality tuna lure. There are feathers and then there are feathers. These are the prime stuff, very well constructed, and very good producers. Year after year you'll hear folks talking about a particular feather, with a different pattern and head color than the run-of-the-mill lure trolled. To most folks it will look like any other. But, if you have pulled a lot of lures over the years, you'll quickly appreciate the subtle enhancements and fishing prowess of Zuker's feathers. They are excellent tuna lures.
Zukers trolling feathers work so well that almost every boat has them on board. The way they show up to fish when they are bouncing on the surface is amazingly effective. They are meant to be trolled fast at about 10-15 knots. They are effective for many species of fish but especially tuna

Manufactured in Tuna country, Zuker's baits are a must for catching large palagic species and are the choice of serious sport fishermen around the world.

Model: ZF-140
Length: 6"
Head Colour: Clear
Skirt Colour: Lime
Feather Colour: Green/White

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