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Pakula WitchDoctor Teaser (Full Kit) HIPPY


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Pakula WitchDoctor Teaser (Full Kit) HIPPY

The Hippy colours are Lumo!

The Original Pakula Witchdoctor™ Teaser
The Witchdoctor™ Teaser was Peter Pakula’s first invention, initially designed for use while trolling live and dead baits, yet after all these years the Pakula Witchdoctor™ is now accepted as the best fish exciter for all game fishing trolling applications. At all trolling speeds the Witchdoctor™ stays deep below the prop wash, sending out irresistible vibrations, flashing reflected shafts of fluorescent blue and purple light in all directions, and unlike any other teaser, it never comes to the surface to interfere and tangle with trolling lines. Each Pakula Witchdoctor™ comes complete with towline and storage bag

This complete set includes the Lumo "HIPPY" witch doctor

For full info and detailed rigging instructions CLICK HEREPAKULA WITCH DOCTOR

The Witchdoctor™ comes complete with Tow Cord and Carry Bag

Polyurethane Foam Witchdoctor Important Information

There have been a number of important changes made to the Witchdoctor

Witchdoctor Construction:

Witchdoctors are now made from Polyurethane foam. A light foam has been developed so that we can get the action we want, and unlike the old solid wood teasers the Witchdoctor will not damage boat finishes requiring expensive repairs and will do less damage when swung into other anglers or dropped on feet etc.

The Stainless Steel mirrors and screws have been recessed to minimise chances of scratching or cutting into surfaces.

As a result of being made from Polyurethane foam, any damage done to the Witchdoctor can easily be repaired with products available from hardware outlets ie: car bog and be repainted using the appropriate paint.

In the past, Witchdoctors were made so strong that boats were damaged; game chairs and chunks of transom were being ripped off game boats. There have also been cases of cleats ripping of the back of the boat and anglers hit by snapping tow lines. Witchdoctors are now made to withstand around 100kg max, ensuring that should a Witchdoctor be attacked by a fish, the Witchdoctor will give way before the boat fittings do.

Using The Witchdoctor® and Digger® together is a very effective method of raining fish. It is best to run the both off the same side of the boat on the opposite side of the boat to the closest lure (short corner). This will draw fish into the strike zone. It is also easier to clear the teasers when the action starts by pulling both teasers in together by grabbing both cords and pulling them in at the same time.

Using the Witchdoctor™:
The Pakula Witchdoctor is very easy to use, simply position it around 15 feet in front (closer to the transom) of your closest lure or bait, but run it on the other side i.e. if your closest lure is on the starboard side, run the Witchdoctor on the port side, and it will do the rest! It is important to remember that this teaser is very effective and will attract fish directly to it. It is therefore critical to ensure that a bait or lure should always be placed in close proximity to this teaser, at least within 4 meters. Because of refraction, i.e. angle of light changes when it hits the water, the Witchdoctor is quite difficult to position. We suggest you measure the distance of your closest lure in arm spans and then measure the Witchdoctor tow line the same way to ensure accurate placement.

Over the past few years there have been few tournament winning boats that don’t troll at least one Pakula Witchdoctor, many use two! The Witchdoctor can be run on any material, but we suggest easy to handle material such as 5mil or 1/4inch nylon or silver rope with a sturdy stainless clip on the end. 60 feet should be ample. 

Witchdoctor Action:
The Original Witchdoctor was designed to run baits off it's end, much like a down rigger that also imparted action to the bait. As this is very rarely practised we have redesigned the Witchdoctor so that is resembles the original exciters action.

Anglers have been more than happy with the success of the original Witchdoctors when they were run without baits off its end, however the direction of most of the light flashes were forward of the teaser towards the boats transom.

The action now is tighter with the flashes pointed further back towards the trolled lures or baits.

This does mean that the arcing light show you used to see from the back of the boat will be lessened, but the arcing light will be more visible to the fish.

Caring for the Witchdoctor™:
The environment that a Witchdoctor is subjected to is extremely harsh. Unfortunately, the materials used are affected greatly by them, especially the mirrors. Do not worry if the mirrors start deteriorating, this is quite normal. You do not have to replace these until there is no reflection material left. To lessen this deterioration, you can run clear silicon along the edges where the mirrors meet the wood. The main function of the Witchdoctor is the vibration it puts out, not the flash. After each use of the Pakula Witchdoctor, it should be washed in fresh water and detergent and then, most importantly, allow it to dry thoroughly in the shade before storing it away.

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