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Rapala ProGuide Lock 'N Weigh Scales - 20lb


Rapala ProGuide Lock 'N Weigh Scales - 20lb 

20lb fresh or saltwater

Rapala ProGuide™ Lock ‘n Weigh
Now lifting, weighing and releasing big species of fish is a one-handed operation. Once the fish is boatside, the ProGuide® Lock ‘n Weigh slides over the lower jaw of the fish and is secured by lifting. The patent-pending cam-lock system uses the fish’s weight to lock it into place; then the fish can be lifted into the boat. A built-in scale displays the weight, and the triggers need only a squeeze to release the fish back into the water.
The Lock ‘n Weigh is composed of high grade stainless steel that can withstand the rigors of the saltwater environment. Sure-grip material surrounds the handle, assuring no-slip operation and a wrist lanyard adjusts to keep the Lock ‘n Weigh completely secure.
The Lock ‘n Weigh makes handling large fish with sharp teeth a safe and enjoyable experience.

The Lock 'n Weigh makes landing, handling and releasing big fish a safe and easy operation. The camlock jaws are designed to use the fish's weight to securely hold the fish without causing injury. Weight is shown as you lift the fish clear of the water. Constructed of high-grade stainless steel it will provide year's of service. Wrist lanyard and non-slip handle keep the Lock 'N Weigh secure.

Key Features:
Cam-Lock system uses the weight of the fish to hold it, without causing injury
Weight is shown as you lift the fish clear of water
High grade stainless steel
Wrist lanyard
No-slip handle
Release trigger
Comes with rust preventative oil for maintenance

IGFA Certifiable Scale
The Rapala Pro-Guide Lock 'N Weigh built in scale can be fully certified by the IGFA (International Game Fish Association) to ensure that your world record catch is truly a world record.

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