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BERKLEY VANISH Fluorocarbon 20lb X 250yd's


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BERKLEY "VANISH" Fluorocarbon 20lb X 250yd's

Every inch of every spool of Berkley® line is made under our strict quality control measures to assure the finest quality and best performance. And the innovations never stop. We have scientists developing new line formulas, professional anglers testing products in the field and, most importantly, customers like you offering feedback. That’s how we develop the world’s best fishing lines.
There's a reason Berkley® is the fishing line leader. We've spent over four decades identifying the needs of anglers worldwide - exploring every issue - developing fishing line solutions for every need. From exceptional nylon monofilaments to a more easy-handling fluorocarbon. From inshore to ice. Berkley® has the line.

Fluorocarbon Lines – These monofilament lines use fluorocarbon as the base polymer. These lines are best known for their very close refractive index (measure of how light pases through them) to water – therefore they become virtually invisible when viewed underwater. Fluorocarbon lines, unlike nylon lines, do not absorb any water and therefore do not lose any strength. However, they also do not get limper, therefore perception often is that they are stiffer and harder to handle. 
Fluorocarbon is denser than water, so it will sink. It also has excellent abrasion resistance properties.

Fluorocarbon 20lb X 250yd's (Vanish) Spec's:

Berkley Vanish

  • 100% Fluorocarbon
  • 20lb (9kg) X 250yd's (228m)
  • Clear

Vanish - The easy casting Fluorocarbon

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