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Zest Super Deep Jig - 300gr


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Zest Super Deep Jig - 300gr 

Zest Jigs & Hooks
At last, BCS has introduced the Japanese Long Jig phenomenon into NZ. This style of jigging has taken Asia, Europe and Australia by storm with large game fish and bottom fish taken by long jigs. NZ charter operators have long known that long jigs out fish any other jigs.

Why long jigs
Long jigs represent a large bait-fish. All predatory fish will attack a larger bait-fish more readily than a small one because it is more efficient to take larger prey than small. The effort to the predator is the sane so it will always choose a bigger meal. Hence Zest jigs tend to attract larger fish of any species that prey on bait-fish.

Jigging techniques
Any of your favourite jigging techniques will work with Zest jigs. This is a great opportunity to experiment with short or long rod sweeps, intermittent retrieving, speed retrieving or plain yo yoing.
Favourite kit for long jiggers is short powerful rods, strong high speed reels, braided line (30-100lb) and fluorocarbon wind-on leaders. Don't under estimate the power of high tech spinning reels e.g. Shimano Stella or Daiwa Saltiga. These reels are capturing huge fish on this type of tackle. Try it, you'll love it!

These jigs are designed "Tall Weighted" so that they will fall quickly to the sea floor with some action. They are made to work in deep water and incorporate a "glow in the dark" paint scheme which is necessary for deep water jigging. The narrow profile of this jig means it can be easily retrieved from the bottom with minimal angler fatigue.

Zest Super Deep Jig - 300gr FEATURES:

• Rigged weight on tail.  
• Reverse, then centre balanced.   
• Glo belly section.   
• Holographic finish on one side.  
• Mirror finish opposite side.
• Jig Weight: 300gms
• Jig Length: 240mm
• Available Colours: Blue/Pink, Blue Green Lumo, Red Head, Orange

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