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Owner JOBU Game Hook 12/0 with CUTTING POINT X 2



Owner JOBU Game Hook 12/0 X 2

Welcome to Owner Hooks. The Japanese hooks recognised as possibly the best in the world. Famous for big game hooks, circle hooks, treble hooks, and a whole lot more.

Owner hooks are the finest available, and one of the worlds biggest brands. Their patterns are much copied, but you have to buy the original to be sure of the quality. They are available in chemically sharpened needle points or with Cutting Points. Tests have proven they start sharper and stay sharper. Owner are developing new patterns all the time for the UK Angler. Owner also have swivels, sabiki lures, split rings and much more. All are distinguished by putting quality first.


For Big Sea fish, CUTTING POINT™ hooks are the latest in high technology hook design developed by the Owner Hook Company of Japan. Unique to each OWNER CUTTING POINT™ hook is the triple-edged cutting blade led by a needle-sharp point that never needs sharpening. The point grabs quickly, and as it begins to penetrate, the three cutting edges slice their way through the toughest scales, cartilage and even jawbones for a positive, effortless hook set.

Cutting point work well for sea fish. Owner’s unique triple-edged CUTTING POINT™ are engineered for better penetration. Conventional hooks are typically stamped to a pyramid point or ground to a pencil-type point, and by their design, encounter more friction and resistance the deeper they penetrate. With the CUTTING POINTS™ triple-edged blade, the amount of resistance actually decreases as the hook penetrates. Prove it to yourself by pulling the CUTTING POINT™ through a matchbook cover. The CUTTING POINT™ grabs and slices quick and clean right through the material!

With a point that cuts and slices so easily, isn't there a concern that the hook might actually cut its way out of cartilage and tissue? On the contrary. Because of a flat inside design, the CUTTING POINT'S™ is actually less likely to cut out than is the conventional round point design. And in response to those who have wondered whether CUTTING POINT'S™ might tear a bigger hole in tissue - thus enabling a jumping or twisting fish to more easily escape - fact is, no hook, CUTTING POINT ™ or otherwise, will create a "hole" that's any larger than the diameter of the hook's shank.

Caution: OWNER CUTTING POINT™ hooks are super sharp out of the package and do not need to be sharpened. Attempts to sharpen after purchase removes the finish and may weaken the tempering process, leading to rapid corrosion and soft points.

JOBU™ Big Game
Ideal for trolling and Chunking, these hooks are built to tackle the biggest meanest fish in any ocean. Big game trolling enthusiasts will find these hooks ideal for custom rigging large baits and skirted lures. Those targeting huge tuna can rig them with big chunk baits. Features include an extra-heavy, XXX-strong forged shank, a deep throat bend, Cutting Point® and anti-corrosion black chrome finish

SIZE: 12/0
GAPE: 50mm
Quantity: 2

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