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Halco Giant Trembler Jig/Troll Pilchard


Halco Giant Trembler Jig/Troll Pilchard

Halco Tremblers are virtually indestructible fish shaped bibless minnows that can be cast, jigged or trolled for outstanding results on a wide variety of sport and gamefish. The advanced design features of the Tremblers include node weight encapsulated within the body of the lure which produces a extremely lifelike swimming action. The Tremblers have the loudest noise of any lure on the market due to the dozens of beads encased in the lures. Also, they emit vibrations like no other lure. The hook anchors and towing points are made from tough stainless steel and are an integral part of the lure body.
The finish and color schemes on the Halco Trembler range is the some of the best we have ever seen by any manufacturer. The Halco "pink" is easily the brightest we have seen on any bibless, bibbed, soft or skirted lure! The chrome finish is a particular favorite of offshore anglers chasing Tuna, 

The 18cm GT Jig is versatile enough to be deep trolled or jigged. The 178 grams of weight sends the lure down quickly, and a simple motion of pulling the rod tip up and lowering it again or pulling the rod up and retrieving the line will create the jigging action. This lure will troll deeper than the GT (4 meters), however will not troll quite as fast. Will troll up to 10 knots. To obtain maximum speed the towing point may require tuning. If at high speed the lure tracks a little to the right (when looking at the lure), retrieve the lure and use pliers to bend the towing point to the left, not more than 0.25mm at a time. As with tuning all fixed towing point lures - the rule is bend the towing point in the direction you want it to swim.

Halco Giant Trembler Jig/Troll Pilchard Lure Spec's:
  • Manufacturer: Halco
  • Style: Deep Trolling Lure 
  • Model: GT  Jig/Deep Troll
  • Trolling Depth: 3m+
  • Length: 18cm
  • Weight: 178grams
  • Hooks: 2 X Treble  
  • Colour: Pilchard (H50)
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