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Collapsible Square Aluminium Craypot WITH Rope, Float & Bait Holder


$99.00 $85.00 Save $14.00 GST Incl - NZ purchases only

Collapsible Square Aluminium Craypot WITH Rope, Float & Bait Holder

These pots fold down flat for transportation
They are ideal for throwing up the bow of the boat, and setting on your way out, and pick-up your feed on the way home.

If you want to double your catch - Then use one of the below Baitholders:
kilwell craybait holder
Hinged Berley Basket OR Craybait holder

  • Baitholder Spec's:
  • Hinged Berley Basket
  • Length: 320mm
  • Diameter: 115mm
  • Construction - Highgrade Plastic
  • Hinges open, length ways

Using a baitholder makes the Crayfish go into the pot, rather than sitting on top of the craypot munching away on the fish frames!!


  • Aluminium frames
  • 2 Escape Gaps
  • These pots are made very sturdy and would be the best collapsible
  • Meshed pots currently available.
  • 650mm X 650mm X 380mm

 Rope & Float Pack 30m 

  • Rope & Float Spec's:
  • Float: 6" (150mm) Poly or Hard Heavy Duty PlasticROPE AND FLOAT SET
  • Rope size: 6mm white
  • Rope Length: 30 Meters

Crayfish will sit on the outside of the pot and munch away on the bait, if it is just strung-up, With a baitholder, they can't eat it from the outside, and they must enter the pot to get a taste, hence why you will double your catch by using an appropriate baitholder.

NOTE:  When you receive, remember to tie the float on properly as the knot supplied in bagged form is insufficient.
If you are not proficient at tying knots, just ask us and I will redo the knot with one you can trust!!


You will still need a weight, Generally an old window sash weight will do just fine, or a 2lb to 5lb dive weight will suffice.

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