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Sufix Performance Braid Multi Colour 30lb X 150m


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Sufix Performance Braid Multi Colour 30lb X 150m


Now, from the global leader in fishing line technology comes a remarkable new braid that has been tested and proven under torturous conditions. New Sufix Performance Braid with exclusive Y6 Digital Braiding Technology has emerged as one of the strongest, toughest, best performing fishing lines ever offered. It handles beautifully in all fishing situations, for all species, with all tackle... even on spinning reels.SUFIX BRAID

Performance Braid retains its roundness, color and slickness throughout its entire length. This uniformity improves casting distance on both spinning and casting reels, and assures unmatched durability, sensitivity and quietness. Performance Braid knots perfectly to a leader and won't slip as easily. What's more, its remarkable sensitivity transmits the slightest tap, and the near-zero stretch buries the barb on contact.

Sufix Performance Braid is the next generation of microfilament technology. The most cutting edge Digital Y6 Braiding machines make for the smallest diameter, longest casting, and quietest braided fishing line ever produced. This line was bred in the harsh conditions of saltwater and fine tuned for freshwater tournament applications. Performance Braid has every characteristic that a serious tournament angler demands for the rigors of competition.

Sufix Performance Braid Multi Colour 30lb X 150m features:

  • Exclusive Y6 BraidingTM produces a rounder, smoother, thinner and quieter braided line.
  • Handles effortlessly and cast a mile - even on spinning reels.
  • Virtually trouble-free with far fewer wind knots.
  • Ultra-abarsion resistant and super-sensitive.

Sufix Performance Braid Multi Colour 30lb X 150m Spec's:

  • Make: Sufix
  • Performance Braid
  • Colour: Multi-Colour (5 Colours)
  • Line Weight: 30lb
  • Line Diameter: 0.30mm
  • Length: 150m

Sufix Performance Braid has rewritten the book on braided line. From castability to abrasion resistance and knot strength, this incredible new line excels in every category that's important to you. In fact, its soft, supple feel makes it completely compatible with spinning reels - something that very few braids can claim. The exclusive Y6 Digital Braiding® process produces a tighter braid pattern that won't unwind under the severest conditions. A specially formulated finish protects it from abrasion caused by contact with logs, rocks and debris, so you'll be fishing this line long after your buddies have re-spooled their reels. Other braids claim to be able to pull a fish out of thick cover, Performance Braid has the strength to haul in the brush pile as well. Because it has virtually no stretch, all it takes is a short upswing of the rod and even the lightest-biting fish is hooked.

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