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Berley Mate Long-life Rapid Berley log


Berley Mate Long-life Rapid Berley log

Berley Mate® is clean and effective alternative to frozen berley.

New Squid Boosted Formula
320mm x 70mm ziplock bag

Berley Mate needs No refrigeration
Berley Mate attracts all types of fish
Berley Mate’s trail won’t float to the surface or gather in a hollow on the bottom
Berley Mate’s trail works in murky water
Berley Mate can be crumbled and sprinkled over the side in slow currents
Berley Mate does not leave a feed trail
Berley Mate is ideal for land-based & kayak fishing
Berley Mate berley lasts long enough for an average fishing session (used in our dispenser ) 

To get the best out of Berley Mate:

The pot or dispenser should be directly under the boat, one metre from the bottom, mid-way along the boat
Always fish down the Berley Mate trail
Place unused Berley Mate back in its bag for next time
Store in a cool dry place, do not leave in the sun
Berley Mate Long-life Rapid Berley is an entirely new formulation that brings the fish to your boat, and keeps them there!

Simple to use – Convenient – Economical – No fuss – No mess – No refrigeration – Effective!

Most frozen berleys melt within a hour of release and messy waste is left in your dispenser. Berley Mate berley lasts long enough for an average fishing session, even if you move to different spots. This Berley Mate berley has a new boosted squid liver extract formula* which puts more attractants into the water faster, exciting the fish to bite.

This Berley Mate Berley log needs no refrigeration, simply keep one in your Berley Mate store bag ready to use at any time. This works even in murky water as the concentrated attractant works scientifically to excite the fish to bite. Berley Mate berley will immediately flavour the water under your boat with chemical stimulants. These are absorbed through the skin of the fish and stimulate a hormone secretion in the fish’s glands, arousing a strong feeding response and causing it to immediately become more aggressive and feed ravenously.

* More unsaturated omega-4 fats than any fish oil product

* DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), a long-chain polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acid

* EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) is an omega-3 fatty acid

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