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Smiths Standard Precision Knife Sharpening System



Smiths Standard Precision Knife Sharpening System

Since 1886, the Smith family of Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas has been in the natural Whetstone business. Whetstone is derived from the word Whet, which means "to sharpen". The Natural Arkansas stone business has been passed down from generation to generation, and now over 100 years later Smith Abrasives, Inc. is the largest supplier of Natural Arkansas sharpening stones in the world. Smith's is committed to offering its customers these high quality products for at least another 100 years. 

SPSK - Standard Precision Sharpening Kit

Smith’s Standard Precision Sharpening System offers an easy way to sharpen all types of knives…… INCLUDING SERRATED. The fabric storage pouch makes this kit portable and easy to store, and the 1/2-inch wide stones makes sharpening safe, fast, and easy. The kit comes with a Coarse Diamond Stone, Fine Arkansas Stone for finishing, a specially-shaped Triangular shaped stone for serrated edges only, and Premium Honing Solution. 

Smiths Standard Precision Knife Sharpening System Features:

Premium honing solution cleans and protects the sharpening surface
Fabric pouch for storage
V-Lock vice holds knife at perfect angle during sharpening
Folding rod guides allow sharpening at multiple angles
Sharpens all types of knives including serrated
1/2" wide stones

Stone Sizes: 4" x 1/2" x 1/4"  (3 Stones in Kit)

Coarse Diamond - 325 Grit
Fine Arkansas - 1,000 Grit
Medium Arkansas 600 Grit

Smith's Standard Precision Sharpening Kit offers an easy way to sharpen knives and tools. A consistent and correct angle is achieved every time on your cutting edge by locking in the blade and the angle of the stone. The kit comes with a Coarse Synthetic Stone, a Medium Arkansas Triangular Shaped Stone for serrated edges only, and a Fine Arkansas Stone for finishing. Each stone is mounted on its own individual color coded stone bar and comes with its own guide rod. The Multi-Angle "T" bars provide the most popular sharpening angles. Our New Advanced Non-Petroleum Based Honing Oil provides the proper lubrication when sharpening. All the parts are safely stored in a hard plastic storage box.

Complete with an extremely well detailed set of knife sharpening instructions

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