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FLIR Navigator II (Static)


FLIR Navigator II (Static)

FLIR Navigator II (Static/Fixed model) offers superior night vision onto a standard PAL video screen (not supplied) using the same thermal imaging technology that the military use to see at night, at a fraction of the cost.

FLIR Navigator II - Infra Red Night Vision Camera (Static/Fixed model)

Thermal imaging allows you to see in total darkness. Thermal imagers sense small differences in temperature, with warmer objects appearing white, and cooler objects appear dark. Thermal imaging makes navigation safer by allowing you to see obstructions, buoys, and other vessels at night, regardless of lighting conditions. The cameras provide crisp, clear thermal imaging in total darkness, smoke and light fog. It allows the viewer to see small details and detect more and smaller objects at further distance.

The Navigator II has a 19mm wide angle lens giving a wide 36° field of view (27° vertical angle). The Navigator II offers superior night vision onto a standard PAL (NTSC available on special order) video screen (not supplied) using the same thermal imaging technology that the military use to see at night, at a fraction of the cost.

The vital core is well protected against water and humidity in an IPX6 rated casing. It can be cleaned with a hose. The Navigator II will operate in temperatures ranging from -32°C to +55°C. A built-in heater will defrost the protective window ensuring a clear lens in extremely cold conditions.

more info: 

Detector type: Focal Plane Array (FPA), uncooled microbolometer 320 x 240 pixels
Spectral range: 7.5 to 13µm
Field of view: 36° (H) x 27° (V) with 19 mm lens
Spatial resolution (IFOV): 2 mrad
Thermal sensitivity: 100 mK at +25°C
Image frequency: 8.3 Hz (PAL) (7.5Hz NTSC available on request)
Focus: Fixed
Image processing: Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE)FLIR RANGE CHART


Video output: PAL composite video
Connector types: BNC (1) provides video output
BNC to RCA adapter included

Requirements: 12 V DC +30% / -10%
Consumption Static: 3 W nominal, 30 W peak
Pan/Tilt: 5 W nominal, 45 W peak

Operating temperature range: -25°C to +55°C
Storage temperature range: -50°C to +80°C
Automatic window defrost: Yes
Humidity: 100% relative humidity salt spray
Sand/dust, icing: Mil-Std-810E
Encapsulation: IP66
Shock: IEC 60068-2-27 and Mil-Std-810
Vibration: Mil-Std-810E

Camera Weight: 3.0 kg
Camera Size: 18.8 cm tall x 10.2 cm wide x 18.5 cm deep
Shipping weight (camera + packaging): 5.0 kg
Shipping size (camera + packaging) (L x W x H): 36 cm x 41 cm x 21 cm

Thermal imager (static) with 7.6 m of cable and power switch - Operator manual

The Navigator is backed up by two years of full warranty

"the unit has superseded my radar, which is rarely used.”
Rick Jacobson – Reel Awesome Charters – Whangaroa

“It makes my job easier in a busy harbour at night..... it gives me certainty and compliments the radar image.I would recommend the investment to any commercial or serious recreational boatie."
Captain David Geurts - Skipper of Radar Blue - Auckland

“We wanted a system that could help avoid deadly accidents at night .. it definitely compliments our existing radar. When we have a blip on our radar screen, we can now see what the blip really means.”
Captain Peter Robinson – MV Golden Bay - Whangarei

“I think they are brilliant. I had the FLIR Mariner on my Maritimo which worked great. I wouldn’t have a boat without one. So I have fitted a FLIR Navigator to my new Rayglass”
Ian Witters - Auckland

"I use my boat a lot during the night.”, says. “It is amazing! You see everything. Exactly like during the day. It is incredible. You see every detail of the other boats: the cockpit, the bridge, the anchor, you see everything. Even in total darkness.”... When you use your boat a lot during the night, or if you sail out in the morning before the light or get back into the harbour after darkness, the thermal imaging camera is an excellent tool. Easier to use than radar. With radar you only see a small “blip” on a screen. Thermal imaging gives you a comprehensive image which is easy to understand....  Thermal imaging is definitely more than a toy. It is very useful technology on board of a yacht. I think we will see thermal imaging go through the same evolution as e.g. chart plotters. There used to be a day and age when we installed one chart plotter on every five boats we produced. Today, I am installing two chartplotters on one boat in a lot of cases.”
Mr. Ferretti, Chairman of the Ferretti Group

“I was really convinced after the demonstration that a thermal imaging camera on board of a yacht is a great asset and immediately purchased a FLIR Systems Navigator Pan/Tilt. In darkness, I switch on the Navigator Pan/Tilt for all navigation and night docking. Also during daylight I benefit from the system. It is not blinded by glare from the sun.”,
Mr. Gorbunov, owner and captan of Sunseeker, Manhattan-66.

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