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Tasmanian Devil 13.5gr - Canberra Killer (Y82)


Tasmanian Devil 13.5gr - Canberra Killer (Y82)

The Tasmanian Devil spinner is one of the most popular trolling spinners in New Zealand. The line is threaded through the body and a hook attached (usually with a slit ring to stop it jamming).

The Tasmanian Devil comes in a massive variety of colours and so it is best to check with locals as to what is working well in the area you intend to fish. While it is generally regarded as a trolling spinner, it can also be cast but needs a reasonably fast retrieve to ensure its action is correct.

Original and famous TASMANIAN DEVIL® is available in 6 sizes!
The original Tasmanian devil has proven itself effective World wide on a host of species, including brown & rainbow trout, steelhead, walleye, pike, large & small mouth bass, salmon & tailor. Ideal for casting, trolling & jigging. Reaching depths of up to 1.8m, the original Tasmanian Devil gets down to where the fish are.

ORIGINAL TASMANIAN DEVIL® 13.5 gram - 1/2 oz. (52mm)

The "Tassie Devil" is the original of the three sizes that Wigston's Lures commenced manufacturing in Australia in 1980. Performance as a trolling, casting, downrigging or jigging lure is best described as a great all-rounder. Recommended trolling speed is 4.5km/h (2.75m/h). The correct speed is indicated by a pulsating or nodding action of the rod tip.

Tasmanian Devil 13.5gr - Canberra Killer (Y82) spec's:
  • Lure Make: Tasmanian devil
  • Manufacturer: Wigstons Lures
  • Quantity: 1
  • Un-Rigged
  • Size: 52mm
  • Weight: 13.5gr (1/2oz)
  • Colour: Canberra Killer 
  • Code: Y82
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