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Shimano Caenan 150 A - Catana Baitcaster Combo 2pc 7' 4-8kg


$299.00 $229.00 Save $70.00 GST Incl - NZ purchases only
Shimano Caenan 150 A - Catana Baitcaster Combo 2pc

Suitable for trout jigging# and light tackle saltwater fishing.

Shimano Caenan 150 A Baitcasting Reel

The Caenan 150A Baitcaster Reel features Shimano's Stable Spool Design (S3D) technology that creates a balanced and uniform thin walled aluminium spool which reduces vibration and provides for silky smooth casts, QuickFire II Clutch Bar gives the control back to the angler for accuracy and all day use. The VBS suite of cast, friction and brake adjustments take care of painful ?over runs? that use up valuable fishing time whilst undoing unwanted tangles. Ideal for using with slow jigs, micro jigs and soft baits.

Shimano Caenan 150 A Baitcasting Reel Features:
Super Stopper
Variable Brake System
Graphite Frame
Aluminum Spool
Plastic Handle Grip
Graphite Sideplates

Shimano Caenan 150 A Baitcasting Reel Specifications:
Manufacturer: Shimano
Model: Caenan 150 A Baitcaster
Retrieve: Right 
Retrieve per crank: 67 cm (26in)
Bearings: 4+1
Maximum drag: 5 kg (11lb)
Drag type: Star
Weight: 205g (7.2oz)
Nylon mono capacity (lb-yds): 10-120/12-110/14-90
Powerpro capacity: 20-150/30-135/40-105
Gear ratio: 6.3:1

Stable Spool Design (S3D) 
This unique Shimano reel feature creates a balanced and uniform thin-walled aluminium spool which reduces vibration and provides for silky smooth casts. 

These bearings have been through the same process as Shimano's A-RB bearings, but features shields on both sides that reduce the possibility of salt or sand inhibiting rotation. 

Variable Brake System 
VBS uses centrifugal force rather than magnets to aid in controlling the cast. The individual brake weights, when turned on, are forced outward at the beginning of the cast when backlashes most often occur, causing friction that reduces spool speed. Once the spool slows down, pressure lessens and allows the spool to continue spinning. The result is a much more consistent spool speed that is easier to manage and takes advantage of the reel's maximum casting distance. Settings range from zero weights turned on for true freespool and up to 6 weights turned on for extremely windy conditions and maximum cast control. 

QuickFire II 
A system used for easy and fast one-handed casting. The line and trigger self-centre, and are easy to grasp with your index finger. By pulling the line and the trigger with one hand, the bail opens and is ready to be cast. 

Super Stopper II Anti-reverse 
This reel uses a one-way bearing that eliminates backplay. This provides the angler with instant hooksetting power



Shimano Catana Softbait Rod - 7' - 2pc (Overhead)

These rods are every bit as sharp as the swords they were named after. Graphite blanks# Fuji guides and graphite reel seats are a feature# with cork grips on the lighter rods and hard-wearing EVA on the bigger outfits.

Whether you spin for trout# troll for barra# flick Squidgies for snapper# or surf fish for salmon# there's a rod here to suit# and the deep purple blanks look absolutely sensational.

This is Shimano's biggest softbait / surf / rock rod range to date and the rods are available in a choice of medium and high winch mounts for threadline and overhead use.

Shimano aims to satisfy all anglers with the new high spec but low cost Catana range of rods.
Shimano's Catana series features solid fused tips blended on Howell process blanks# quality Fuji guides# EVA grips and Graphite reel seats.
They're tough rods for the budget-conscious angler who doesn't want to sacrifice action and performance.

Shimano Catana Softbait Rod - 7' - 2pc (Overhead) Specs:

  • Make: Shimano
  • Model: CTN702 LCM NZ
  • Style: Baitcaster / Softbait (Overhead)
  • Graphite Blanks
  • Trigger Grip
  • Fuji Guides
  • Length: 7'
  • Pieces: 2
  • Lure Weight: 7 - 21gm
  • Line Weight: 4-8kg
  • EVA Grips

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