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Icey Tek Spare Latch Set

IT-Spare Latch Set

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Icey Tek Spare Latch Set

A full set of Icey-Tek chilly Bin Latches and assembly items.

These flexible handle latches adapt well to alignment irregularities in field use. But no matter how they are mounted or latched, their non-corrosive non-conductive UV-resistant thermoplastic elastomer handles provide consistent vibration-absorbing benefits for quiet and secure closure. Product Features and Benefits
The flexible, black thermoplastic elastomer handle is enhanced with a variety of additional features and options to provide smooth trouble-free performance under real-world conditions.

* Built-in drag keeps latch handle stationary when unlatched
* Curved T-handle style provides sure grip for operating latch
* Different sizes and mounting styles accommodate a range of panel thicknesses
* Indented keeper ensures positive latching
* Provides intuitive ease of operation
* Completely non-corrosive materials

Icey Tek Spare Latch Set Includes:
6 X 35mm Stainless Steel Screws
2 X Saddles to hold Latches
2 X Latches
2 X Latch Hooks
Size (50 Series) is 112 mm (4.81") when latched

* Flexible latch handles absorb/reduce vibration, compensate for variations in mounting distances and alignment
* Wide range of installation variations, multiple lengths, handle shapes
* Mounting tension keeps latches securely fastened 

Made by for Icey-Tek Chilly Bins

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