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Tatonka Stealth Hunting Pack 30L


The best hunting pack you will ever own, as it is silent in the bush.
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Tatonka Stealth Hunting Pack 30L

We are excited to introduce a game changer - our new soft fabric daypacks - The Tatonka Stealth Series!
These packs have been designed specifically for New Zealand stalking conditions, with a soft, quiet fabric and all the essential features. Unlike other daypacks, these packs are capable of carrying out decent loads, with the Stealth 35+10 designed to comfortably carry loads up to 35kg, which means it is perfect for the roar and meat harvesting trips.
The decent sized front pockets mean you can move all of your gear into the front pockets and use the main compartment for meat storage when required. It is specifically designed so the pack can be laid flat and the space between the front pockets can be used as a shooting rest.

Stealth Hunting Pack 30L
Since their introduction, we have had amazing feedback about our game-changing Tatonka Stealth packs. However, a common request we’ve received since their launch is for a camo pattern. We are excited to now deliver this with the introduction of our new Woodland Camo Stealth Packs!
These packs were designed specifically for New Zealand stalking conditions, with a soft, quiet fabric and all the essential features. The new woodland camo print has taken the level of stealth to a new level, ensuring these packs are truly the ultimate stalking companion.
Unlike other daypacks, these packs are capable of carrying decent loads. The Stealth 30L is designed to be able to carry 20kg in comfort, so you can easily carry the meat out if your hunting trip is successful.
Equipped with RECCO® reflectors, part of the RECCO® rescue system that helps to locate people in rescue situations.

Tatonka Stealth Hunting Pack 30L  Features:
Stealth Woodland Camo material
Can carry loads up to 20kg
External rifle scabbard which is able to be moved to 2 locations
Shoulder strap extensions that allow tall people to carry the pack properly with the waist in the correct position
Hi-vis removable external safety flag
Twin bar internal aluminium frame
Two hip pockets to fit GPS and other equipment
Pack is able to be fully opened for easy loading
Equipped with RECCO® reflector
Water bladder capable
Two year warranty

Tatonka Stealth Hunting Pack 30L  Spec's:
Volume: 30 litres
Weight: 1.8kg
Dimensions: 58 x 27 x 19cm
MaterialPrym: 1 Camo (Suede + 450Den PES)
Colour: Woodland Camo

Decades of outdoor experience can be found in TATONKA products. They develop, manufacture and test the products themselves – and deliver them all over the world. They then receive valuable feedback, which flows back into their product development.

TATONKA’s philosophy has always been that the consumers experience is more important than maximising profit. This is why they offer you high-quality, brand-name products that provide excellent value for money.

As outdoor experts, TATONKA knows that functionality is what counts in the great outdoors. Therefore, their product designs focus on what matters: lots of sensible functions and no unnecessary extras. The products are honest, functional and ready for life’s expeditions – “Expedition Life”.
As a family-run business in their second generation, TATONKA can guarantee the products that carry the TATONKA name are only products that they themselves would take on an expedition.

You can rely on TATONKA products. Unconditionally. Tatonka do not outsource any aspect of production - each is made by ‘TATONKA’ – from the initial idea, down to the final stitch. They stand behind their products with a comprehensive 2 year warranty.
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