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Hennessy Hammock - Scout


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Hennessy Hammock - Scout

It's a TENT, It's a HAMMOCK, It's a CHAIR, It's a SUPER-SHELTER!

This is an excellent choice for the landbase fisherman

Weight limit 200lb's - Setup in 2 minutes

hennesy hamock with insect coverNew!SCOUT: 2 lb. 8oz./ 200 lbs New, full-sized hammocks for young adventurers, scouts and guides. Rainfly included but not shown.- (Ben from Wisconsin in his "Scout") 

Full List of Features:
hennessy-scout-3How to get into your Hennesy Hammockhennessy-scout-4hennessy-scout-5

Walk into the middle......turn around, sit down.......lay back....... lift feet ....... entrance snaps closed.

Patented "Easy Enter, Easy Exit" Through The Bottom
Walk in to the middle of the hammock, turn around and sit down. Lay back and lift your feet inside 

Patent-pending Asymmetrical Shape
Lying on the diagonal is the secret for maximum comfort in hammocks. We have designed the first hammock with a diagonal axis. We call it the "A-sym". We have moved the right side anchor point of the hammock down by your knee and the left side anchor point up by your shoulder. This makes the hammock feel longer with a wider 'sweet spot' of comfort. Then we did the same for the rainfly and added 30 percent more fabric for excellent coverage(not a feature of Cocoon, Expedition 2.5, Scout or Cub).

Patented "Snap Tight" Zipperless Closure
Your weight tensions the entrance which automatically snaps closed behind you. 

Patented "Perfect Set" Comfort Curve
Integral ridgeline maintains the same comfortable shape with each use to keep your back straight and level when resting on the diagonal. 

Patented "Perfect Set" Comfort Curve
Integral ridgeline maintains the same comfortable shape with each use to keep your back straight and level when resting on the diagonal.

Patented "Never-Tip" Center Balance Design
Eliminates instability by entering from the centre instead of flipping over the side. This is the first hammock that does not cause you to lose your balance while entering the hammock. 

Large area of No-See-Um netting to provide ventilation and keep insects outside the hammock. When properly sealed, the entrance design also makes sure no bugs get into your hammock at night while you are alseep and also during the day when you are away from camp. For further information about bug protection, clink on our mosquito/jungle page. 

The No-See-Um mesh and hammocks fabric will deflect wind to provide a calm space inside. 

The rain-fly is polyurethane coated polyester ripstop or silicone impregnated nylon and may be tilted to any angle, rolled up above, removed or used separately. 

Nylon webbing straps
These are attached to the end of the suspending ropes to protect the tender bark of trees and provide greater span for the ropes. We call them "tree huggers." 

All hammocks have these additional features except the Adventure Racer, Cocoon & Scout: 

Triangular Mesh Gear Pocket, Glove Hooks, Caribiner Loops A nifty gear pocket slides on the ridgeline and stores out of sight behind your head - this can be used to store your keys, pocket knife, change and other small personal items . Two glove hooks are also threaded on the ridgeline and can be used for attaching LED lights and even attaching a drink can by the hole in the pull tab. All hammocks ridge lines are installed with a loop on each inside hammock end to which a small caribiner can be hooked to hold day-packs, water bottles, and other small items which are too heavy to hang over the ridge line. It's dark up in the corners and you have to look but they're there, so - check it out! 

Full Velcro Seal
Your body weight keeps the entrance sealed when you are inside the hammock but the Velcro seal keeps bugs out while you are away. The Velcro seal also prevents unintentional opening when flip/flopping around. 


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